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  1. 8 minutes ago, travdogg said:

    I think he's very talented, maybe the Jags most talented offensive player, and they likely come out of the bye, especially with a new QB, looking to get more touches to the guy who is already one of the leagues best RAC guys. 

    The ceiling is probably limited as the Jags offense isn't great. However, that also means they are almost always chasing, so he could be a garbage time star going forward, although that hasn't been the case so far. Perhaps that is a Minshew thing?

    Also, I wouldn't 100% rule out the chances that DJ Chark gets traded this week. Not saying it'll happen, but I imagine the Jags would listen to offers, as he's been unhappy, and only has 1 more year left on his deal. 

    1 of the draft profiles I read this year, called Shenault, "Saquon Barkley if he played WR." I kinda rolled my eyes a little at the time(especially as I loved the Deebo comp) but I actually kind of see it. The route running needs work(it'd be elite as a RB though) but every tackle is a struggle, and he's so much quicker than his 40 time, maybe not Barkley speed, but high 4.55-4.6 was clearly a bad day.

    He ran his 40 at the combine injured with like a bruised taint or something. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, LordHusker said:

    As long as Bridgewater is QB, he is a WR3. Just accept it, and you will feel all your stress wash away.

    Anderson and Moore were the top WR yardage in the NFL duo heading into this game.  Perhaps it's an overreaction in a game where the 2nd quarter was a monsoon, and the starter was also knocked out for a couple series and really never should have went back in.  I own Moore in 3/6 of my dynasty leagues.  I'm hoping people are foolish enough to sell.

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  3. 46 minutes ago, Stompin' Tom Connors said:

    It was a great play by Moore. But he had to stop, turn around, and outjump/muscle the defender for it because it fell short.

    I guess there was an argument that by leading him downfield it may have been easier to pick by the safety coming in to help in coverage.

    Either way that catch was all because of Moore, not because of the pass. 

    It's almost like the QB with a neck injury couldn't fully uncork it.  Crazy. 

  4. 1 minute ago, FreeBaGeL said:

    Almost as nice as buying Watkins/Hilton "low" a few years ago :P

    Seriously though I am extremely low on JuJu.  I think with Johnson/Claypool playing well it's pretty unlikely Pitt re-signs JuJu next year, and there aren't many better fantasy situations for a WR than the #1 WR in Pittsburgh, where Juju hasn't exactly been blowing us away already.

    And then Evans can barely clear 2 catches and double digit yardage each week.  If the excuse is that he's playing on a gimpy ankle then what's the upside the rest of this year?  That he limps through the rest of this season playing at 50% and enters next offseason as a 28 year old coming off an injured riddled 600 yard receiving season?  What's that worth in this era?  He will only get cheaper.

    Things aren't great in their current situations...so sell both for a guy who is in a situation that looked good for his first three weeks in his new situation...Got it.

  5. 18 minutes ago, FreeBaGeL said:

    Only reason I would consider the evans/juju side is if I thought I could flip one of them for a nice piece, but it seems like most people with those guys are stuck bagholding desperately searching for a trade partner where none exists. 

    Barring that I would take the Diggs side pretty easily. 26 year old wr1 on an ascending offense that is already performing like an elite player. 

    It probably doesn't help that Tonyan/Juju/Evans are 3 guys near the top of my overrated list. 

    The Bills offense isn't ascending.  It's flatlined.  I love Diggs but that trade is dynasty buy low 101.  That trade is so nice i'm aroused.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    I assumed McCarthy actually had done what you wrote, but you were saying Griese was out in left Field and buddy I agree with you. Brian DogTrippin' Griese is the worst person they have ever slid into that MNF booth and I'm actually a fan of the other 2 Guys but Riddick gets a lot of air time because Griese doesn't know what to say. 

    I love me some Riddick in every aspect.  You can tell he sees the game from a big picture coach/GM/owner perspective.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Stompin' Tom Connors said:

    More on the side of @Ilov80s on this one -- that wasn't a gimme catch. While it looked like he could have hung on to the ball, it was a one-hander to begin with (never a sure thing) and he was twisting/falling to the ground in a way where the impact shook any handle may have had loose. Yes, that could have been thrown much better, and yes, Moore had a shot, but can't fault him for that not being a catch.

    He had a much clearer drop later on, IIRC, where Teddy hit him perfectly and it kind of went through his hands. That for sure is on him, and I hate to see it continue. 


    But he's posted 58,000 times on a fantasy football message board, so he knows that Moore ran the right route, even though throwing to the sideline seemed like what was expected to be run, and completely makes sense in that scenario.  He still dropped a TD that hit him in the numbers.  The rotoworld blurb was inaccurate as usual, which is my point.  The Panthers have run a FB dive on 4th and 1 in week 1 with the game on the line with CMC available, and threw a 30 yard pass on 4th and 2 with the game on the line this week.

  8. Who writes the Rotoworld blurbs?  They are soooooo bad now.  Moore flat out dropped a TD pass, and while Teddy overthrew Moore, he secured it with one hand, tucked it into his belly, and let it slip out.  That's a drop.  If you are able to pull it into your body and you don't secure it that's on you.  I own Moore in 3/6 dynasty leagues so i'm not being a homer for Teddy.  I was starting both together in a league and those two DROPS cost me big.  Teddy had a bad game against a really good defense (threw four TD's on them last year) , but the poster that said he can't throw guys open or anticipate throws is clueless. 

    I'm not panicking on Moore.  I bought him for two 1st last week.  Young, talented, and isn't going anywhere.  Joe Brady is going to want it to be balanced between Moore and Anderson, and CMC will draw more attention to the LOS than Mike Davis.

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