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  1. And if Andrew's doesn't drop a TD it's a 4 point game, but Lamar can't lead a team from behind.
  2. So he called the awful plays on 1st and goal, is responsible for two drops by Hollywood, a HUGE drop by Andrews, and the LT pooping down his leg to allow the strip sack. Got it.
  3. We've all seen your hate in the Lamar thread, so please explain how that is his fault.
  4. Diontae Johnson needs to get his head on straight.
  5. John Brown nursing a foot injury. Giddy up.
  6. Yeah this is a BIG problem. It's the same with Blake Jarwin. Why is NJoku already on IR but Jarwin isn't? This is gonna screw up waivers.
  7. At this point you should see if CMC is on waivers.
  8. Garbage point king. Great for fantasy, but him being the 2nd highest paid QB is hilarious.
  9. HIGHLY interested in dynasty, but roster space is the issue.
  10. Chill guys. I stacked Juju and Diontae together in most leagues, so everything is gonna be okay.
  11. Does this mess their cap up to where they won't be resigning Cook? Someone here has to know better than me.
  12. Can't see it on desktop or tablet because Sleeper is the worst app to ever trust for a dynasty league.
  13. Imma just slip in here and say it's a disgrace that Rod Smith hasn't been mentioned. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SmitRo01.htm
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