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  1. 6 minutes ago, Ghost Rider said:

    It's not hate, but he is not playing well tonight.  Not all of his fault of course, as their defense is getting taken to the woodshed by Mahomes, but I stated in the Lamar thread a while back that the one criticism again still was that he doesn't play well from behind, which is absolutely true thus far.  He can change that in the second half.  I hope it happens so this becomes a competitive game.

    So he called the awful plays on 1st and goal, is responsible for two drops by Hollywood, a HUGE drop by Andrews, and the LT pooping down his leg to allow the strip sack.  Got it.

  2. 10 minutes ago, KChusker said:

    25 touches doesn't really seem out there to me. Floor is probably more like 16-18 carries and 2-3 catches with a ceiling of 27-28 carries and 6 or so catches. 25 is more a middle range outcome

    I don't imagine he will be stopped at the goal line six times in a row ever again though

    So his floor this season is 400 touches.  LOL okay.

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