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  1. I love Lamar and have watched nearly every snap of his college and pro career, but the answer is Mahomes and I can't imagine anyone being in the same stratosphere as him any time soon.
  2. The only sliver of hope I can still have is that DJ Chark only had 14 rec and 174 yds on 32 targets in his rookie year.
  3. He will never be a starting QB unless there is a starter in front of him injured. I will bet my balls on that. You can't seriously think he is an NFL caliber starting QB....really?
  4. If you think he's a starting QB in the NFL then just quit fantasy.
  5. Patrick Daugherty took over a lot of what Evan Silva did at Rotoworld and it has led to a horrific decline in the opinions on player's performances and news.
  6. Earl Thomas must have Crowder in his fantasy league. He just strolled along with him down the sideline.
  7. I'm not saying that directly about you, but rather the majority of an uneducated backwoods fanbase that follows anything KSR tells them to think.
  8. Literally has nothing to do with the subject at hand. He was not horrible when he first became a starter, but hey, #BBN white trash is gonna #BBN white trash and make sure they even find a way to inject themselves into a Lamar Jackson fantasy football thread to constantly run their mouths about anything to seek approval.
  9. I was strutting my kid around in his jersey at the grocery store before the game #dadlife.
  10. He could be fantasy QB1 for the next 5 years and this guy is just gonna keep moving the goal post until he can claim he is right. He is moving them right now with the whole Belicheck laid down joke of a post. His opinion in this thread should be put on ignore. Lots of agenda in going on here.
  11. About $45 on amazon for the child size. Legit stitching and it's a nike jersey with the NFL 100 logo.
  12. Most of them were all were incredibly valuable at some point in fantasy. How can you victory lap on Winston? If you bought him as a rookie in dynasty he has put up huge numbers. You know this isn't REAL football right? His bone-headed plays haven't kept him from scoring tons of points.
  13. 12 team PPR Superflex with .25 points per carry Mahomes Brees Mayfield Bridgewater Saquon Kamara M Mack Kerryon Guice Sutton Dede Diontae Johnson Trequon Smith JJAW D Hamilton M Boykin (I only typically start 2 WR's since it's .25 points per carry) Kittle F Moreau Ian Thomas
  14. Pats were gifted 10 points and saw very few offensive plays from the Ravens.
  15. NE has had the ball the entire time since the end of the 1st quarter
  16. I'm simply pointing out that you can have a horrible season if you get crushed by injuries. Right when Saquon comes back people are losing Mahomes...well...at least dynasty owners that owned the studs are. We can review my rosters if you want to... binging530 on twitter we can deep dive on the subject. Thankfully I own 3-4 2020 1st across multiple leagues against podcast host. Maybe you can create an injury predictor app to help me out???
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