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  1. Was going to post earlier “I think these Jayhawks are up to something “ but then their 2nd td got called back. But yeah,
  2. I opened the thread thinking Chet was going to buy StubHub. Kinda disappointed tbh
  3. Somebody needs to slap the clicker out oh Herbie’s hand. Change my mind. (Not just him. Most of the clicker guys.)
  4. I see this morning that he got hurt in warmups, and I wasn't watching pregame. I was confused at 37 different Browns getting targets and not him, so at least that explains it.
  5. Well, that explains the goose egg. Wasn't paying attention to the game yet at that point and left him in.
  6. Left him in. Oh, well. At least Johnson is putting up points in one league
  7. Especially when your other 2 starters are CeeDee and Diontae
  8. Mods, please rename to "Tua Tagovailoa - second thread". Thanks.
  9. I might lean DPJ so i have a reason to pay attention tonight
  10. I'm going back and forth between him and Russel Gage at WR3.
  11. DPJ or Russell Gage in PPR? Tempted to go with DPJ, but it feels like chasing last week's points, plus a backup QB and iffy OL. OTOH, Gage is just coming off injury and didn't do a whole lot before getting hurt.
  12. That's where I am. Need 2 of him, Davis and Collins and can't afford to gamble today on Collins being ready for MNF
  13. Realistically have to start 2 of: D'Ernest Johnson (Thursday), Mike Davis and Alex Collins. FBG Dominator says DJ and Collins ahead of Davis, so I'll likely leave Johnson in the lineup and see what Collins looks like by Sunday. If I only start one of them, I have to go with one of: Jerick McKinnon, Terrace Marshall, Elijah Moore, Quez Watkins
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