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  1. Hope that car doesn’t have cloth seats
  2. red card for a handball in the penalty area IMO
  3. My God the picture on this thing is ####### glorious. I have the optical audio connected, but no sound thru the receiver. I'm guessing I need to do something in the AVR setup to enable it. Which could be tricky since I no longer have a HDMI out from the AVR to the TV to see the on-screen setup menu Probably will have to temporarily connect one long enough to do that setup. Or see if there's a clear way to do it from the front panel. Honestly, the speakers on this TV sound pretty good already, just no surround.
  4. I'm replacing a Sony DLP that I bought in 2007. And my AVR is an Onkyo that's a few years newer but not new enough.
  5. Updated AVR is on the docket anyway at some point soon. Starting to get choppy audio when I first turn it on, like it has to warm up or something (it's not a tube set)
  6. Yeah on the phone with my wife who's out running errands. Of course BB only has the $20 one in stock but you can get them for <$10 online. She's got a $20 gift card for Target and they have one for $20 so BOOM!
  7. So today I have all my sources connecting into the AVR and a single HDMI out to the TV - it's basically a monitor taking video from the AVR. And I switch between inputs on the AVR. Instead, I would connect all my sources to the TV inputs and then run a single HDMI out to the AVR, and manage my source switching on the TV instead. (I see there's also optical audio out but I don't have that cable AFAIK) Do I have that right? ETA - aaaaand, my AVR doesn't support HDMI ARC
  8. They just delivered it but I won't get it unboxed until later today; will check this out. Thanks!
  9. So, it just dawned on me that my AVR is on the old side, and sure enough it has HDMI 1.3 ports, which won't support 4K content. So until I can replace it with a newer AVR or soundbar, I'll have to choose between 4K video with TV speaker audio, or 1080p video with surround sound.
  10. DIdn't read the title and just kept waiting for it. Holy ####.
  11. Currently playing a reggae cover of Brubeck's "Take 5" in 4/4 time
  12. Finally pulled the trigger after squeezing as much life as I could out of my old Sony DLP. LG CX65 OLED scheduled for delivery tomorrow!
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