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  1. Perhaps better stated as a 3% chance at zero vs a 49% chance at zero. EV says go for 2 over the long run, but individual games are small sample sizes
  2. Fair in general but most of us are in the injury thread extensively each weekend. At most you might have to skim past the Tuesday thru Saturday posts.
  3. There a dot/star to go to the first new post. I don’t see where you’d have to wade thru prior weeks except maybe the first time into the thread
  4. Yeah wasn’t sure if you need 2 feet in on a fumble recovery. He got 1 down at most.
  5. No reason to cover Gronk, right?
  6. Non contact. Pulled up at the end of a scramble on the sideline
  7. Not sure how you don't have Howdy Doody in there - is it because Howdy had better hair?
  8. Is he still worth a dynasty stash? Maybe a change of scenery in his future?
  9. We've watched the episodes a couple of times to make sure we catch all (or most) of the jokes. The nun absolutely KILLS it
  10. Survived! Made a couple mistakes in my calcs (shorted myself a flex spot and had my PK and DEF scores too low)
  11. OK, set up a spreadsheet and I *think* I'm at 143.2 + (Andrews - 3.80). Welp, it was a run
  12. On pace for the 2nd highest score in the league (despite Aaron Jones in the lineup and Lamb on the bench). Guess whose opponent is on track for the highest score in the league? Need Waller to outscore Andrews by 17 tonight. Would have been a bit closer if Kupp's TD was upheld (he has Henderson)
  13. Anything using the "loud whisper" technique - it's like anti-ASMR for me. Examples: - Capital One with Jennifer Garner loud-whispering in a library - This recent atrocity from Burger King
  14. "Things that sound like a euphemism but really aren't" for $200 edit - too slow
  15. Saw it last night and really enjoyed it as well. LOLed at one of the "nice surprise" moments.
  16. I have Edwards in 2/3 leagues. In the 3rd, I added Ty'Son on waivers last night. In the league I don't have him, someone traded him for Tyler Boyd at 7AM today. OOF
  17. My other leagues are more "that dog will lay in the corner licking his balls" so wanted to flex a bit.
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