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  1. I went with digital. I don't have a turntable so the records just sit around collecting dust.
  2. Hmm I was thinking of that dumb Hawaii song, that must have been 09. They come out so late I can't keep track.Yeah the Hawaii song was 09. I like Falling Down. Not sure about No Jeremy yet.
  3. :thumbup:Anyone going to see PJ20 tonight? The NYC premiere was sold out quick, so I will have to wait until this weekend (they are having a week long extended run here)Interested to hear people's reviewsnot showing in Memphis at all. I saw a post at 10C that one of the forum members supposedly contacted Malco theaters here in Memphis and got the response that the company had asked to show it, but the band/whomever declined. Sounds like BS to me.
  4. just finished watching the OK-FSU game. Drinking JB and Diet Dr. P (gotta watch my girlish figure)
  5. those ####ers wouldn't have been happy even if Andrew Wood had shown up to sing.
  6. Have no idea why on earth they would think that. The whole weekend was great. I am still thinking about itlike TU said, they ##### and complain no matter what.
  7. I think you guys must have went to another concert because, according to the people over on the 10C forums, the shows sucked.
  8. Not yet...it's almost done according to the fan club last weekWow. they seem to fall farther and farther behind every year.
  9. Did they ever send out the xmas single for this year?
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