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  1. Wow, two game blurbs about this guy in the last 2 months. Is it Ridley struggling, Ryan, the offense in general...or it's the OC and this is what we can expect going forward? I am concerned it's the latter, but I have not been able to watch a Falcons game closely.
  2. He did the same thing the previous week, twice. Ben seems reluctant to throw deep towards the middle of the field. Claypool has had inside leverage multiple times, but the throw is to the sideline.
  3. I have a suggestion that would take your developer 10 minutes to implement. There should be a "Search Shark Pool for Rashod Bateman" link on the player profile page. https://forums.footballguys.com/search/?&q=Rashod Bateman&type=forums_topic&nodes=2&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles Your developer can insert the players name dynamically. For development next year, i suggest displaying the top 3 or 5 results from that search in the player page. And include the last reply date. I think your users would find this helpful and its easy to implement.
  4. I understand what you're trying to do and I agree it could be helpful and generate more discussion, but this will create more posts and more clutter. If I'm away for a day, a few days, a week, and come back to the pool there is a very high chance I'll never see this discussion, it's off the first page, top few pages. If it's in the Barkley thread, it's on the first two pages and I'll catch up on the discussion. What I keep coming back to, the board used to be the way you are pushing it towards. Granted, maybe the thread titles could have been better and the search function is likely better now, but Footballguys leadership and we as a community moved towards the current usage. So, what were the reasons why we changed to the current design/usage? And how will avoid the pitfalls that caused us to change? I believe these questions need addressed to understand how effective the proposed change will be.
  5. I agree, but dont discount the work the mods need to do to keep things in order. There used to be a rush to post breaking news just so people could see their name as the thread starter and all those needed merged. Will that happen again, i have no idea, but my guess is yes. With that said, i will admit its far less work than I suggested. But, thats not my problem. Its a matter of the product FBGs wants to provide. I am a subscriber, i use the rankings/projections but mostly i subscribe for the boards. As others have asked, the motivation behind Joe asking for the pool to change isnt entirely clear.
  6. I dont hate this idea but if the mods have to take action... Then the mods can update the player threads topic title with the appropriate news item. And i would include a link in the first post which links to the first post associated with the topic change. The first post would then be an index to the full post with all associated news items. All player commentary is still self contained. The topic title is updated to drive content and discussion. I have no idea if this is feasible from a business/moderator perspective, but it doesn't muddy the waters of the pool.
  7. I hardly post, but read quite a bit. If i recall the old days correctly there were many similar topics and many topics about a particular player. Posts quickly fell off the front page, especially in-season when the board is more popular. Its your pool, and maybe i am just old now. But i prefer being able to catch all the news of a particular player in one place. I can see benefits to what you are suggesting but believe its going to be difficult to moderate and easy to miss information on a player because its contained in a specific post. Eta: often a player isnt on my radar for whatever reason, but late in the season or most likely I am considering becoming an owner in the off-season, when i go into the player thread i can quickly catch up on all the news of the past season and more importantly how the opinions of the player gave progressed over that period of time. I find this information very valuable and would hate to see it go away.
  8. I am not as high on Highsmith as others are. Liability in the run game and still learning how to rush. Will he improve, sure, i guess I dont see his ceiling all that high.
  9. Some background on my perspective, for the last 20 years I've been running, what I'll call, a Contract Auction Dynasty league. We have a rookie draft, where player salaries are slotted. And a yearly auction to fill out rosters for available players. When an owner wins a bid in the auction, he has to immediately determine how long he want to sign the player for, from 1 to 4 years. Each year comes with a signing bonus, and that signing bonus is larger for the longer you wish to keep the player. The salary cap is in place year round. We have tags so you can keep players when their contracts expire and even cap hits for when you release a player.
  10. FREE AGENCY 1) If teams have any cap room post-auction, should that be used as capital available for outbidding rivals for free agency? That would be my preference or how I'd set it up. If not, then every in season free agent has to be available in the auction the following season. 2) If a player that was auctioned at $20M gets dropped for a player that was acquired for $1M, should the team get $19M in cap room for use in trades and/or other free agents? Yep. Now, there are a variety of ways to inflict a cap hit when dropping a player. Maybe, when a player gets dropped, you have to take a 10%, 15% or ??% cap hit. 3) If that player that was auctioned at $20M gets dropped, should it cost a new team (or their old team) $20M to acquire him as a free agent for the rest of the season? Hmm, not exactly. You implied in #2 above a player could be acquired for $1M, I assume this meant an in season bidding system to acquire free agents. If there is a waiver claim process, then, yes the acquiring team should take the whole salary, but if he clears waivers and enters free agency, then he's in the bidding system. 4) I have seen some setups where there is one cap for auction and another for free agents. This runs counter to my way of thinking but it that worth considering and, if so, how would it be best implemented? I think the answer here depends on how you are able to keep players from year to year. You have not outlined your thoughts. Does an owner get to keep a player forever at that salary? Does the salary go up each year by a percentage? Or are there contract years, meaning when you win a bid the owner has to decide the number of years to keep a player, with the league stating a maximum number of allowable years. ROOKIE AUCTIONS AKA SUBSEQUENT AUCTIONS 1) I'm thinking of either having an active season roster of 26 or 20 and then cutting down to 20 or 14 about a month prior to the rookie auction, with a 6 round rookie auction. Is this the best way to do this? In my prior dynasty league, we did the draft first and cutdowns after, but that was not an auction so we didn't have to worry about the cap. This might play into #4 above. Lots of these things can be intertwined depending upon the complexity you desire, or lack thereof. 2) Is it best to allow free agents to be eligible for auction or strictly rookies only? I prefer having a rookie draft. We conduct ours online a few weeks before our auction. Lots of folks like to have their rookie draft right after the NFL draft. WEB SITE - What web site can handle an auction as well as maintaining player's salaries after the auction is over? Fleaflicker doesn't do auction at all. I have done Yahoo for auction redraft and it works well but I have no idea if Yahoo maintains ongoing salaries. A free site is strongly preferred, even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, so long as it gets the job done. I can't help you here. We use MFL. ANYTHING ELSE I AM OVERLOOKING? I outlined the issues that came to mind but may very well be overlooking others. Any other information is appreciated. I think the big thing I don't see is how to keep players from year to year and use auction (salary cap). Really, it sounds like you want to use an auction to initialize your rosters. Then have a rookie draft. But what is the 2022 plan for guys not on rosters? Is that another auction? If so, do the winning bids (players salaries) from 2021 carry over?
  11. Well, I am back in on Gesicki after reacquiring him in my dynasty auction yesterday. Different coaching staff now so I have more faith, but what I said 2 years ago still applies.
  12. If i took a WR @ 2.12 then I take CEH here. If I took a RB @ 2.12 then I take Golladay here. Taking into account the previously selected players, I take Galloday here because I would have taken Melvin Gordon @ 2.12. ETA: I now see i am supposed to have taken Kittle at 2.12. So I would take Gordon.
  13. Yes, but i believe the change is the money is now guaranteed when the option is picked up.
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