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  1. I'll back you on the change.
  2. Yea, he had to redo his pick. 12 teams, He missed the Gibbs pick earlier and picked him thinking he was still available.
  3. A combined Rookie/Devy draft taking place here. Going on it's 8th season now. https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=48419&O=17 You can look at the rosters and see which Devy's are already rostered under the Taxi Squad title. Yes, I still have Demetris Robertson on my taxi squad. It feels like I drafted him a decade ago and he's still in college.
  4. I like the Witten signing. Moreau was injured last season and will probably need a little time to ease back into the upcoming season. Gruden loves to run multiple TE sets 2 and 3 at times. As a bonus Witten is a very good blocker and red zone target yet.
  5. I don't feel sorry for the East Bay Peeps. They voted that clown of a mayor in office. Davis isn't broke. Davis and the NFL went to the Mayor and said sell us the property for fair market value and we will build a stadium there and she refused to sell them the property that the coliseum sat on. As a life long Raider fan I'm so glad the Raiders are leaving that clown show up there and moving to Vegas.
  6. Just a couple of observations from doing some research on a couple of the freshman Devy's. Kendall Milton RB Georgia reminds me a lot of Le'veon Bell. I watched some of his high school tape and he remained patient waiting for holes to develop and then hit the hole. He has a jump cut just like Bell and the same ability to fall forward to gain extra yards after contact. Their measurements are almost identical. From what I have read Milton has already put on weight and weighs around 227 pounds. Zachary Evans RB undeclared. This was the RB I was originally targeting but after doing some research I backed off of him because from what I read he may not like playing football. Have fun with your Devy drafts!!!
  7. This Devy/Rookie combined draft just finished. This is going on the 7th season of the Devy league now, so many Devy players were already on teams. 2 Devy's per team each season with no more than 6 total Devy's on a Taxi Squad per team. Devy1
  8. Trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Joseph may be gone after this year with his contract coming up and a trio of Abram and Fitzpatrick and Joyner could be sick.
  9. I would add Josh Jacobs who could see a uptick in receptions as well. He is excellent receiving the ball out of the backfield.
  10. 4 QB's now, the Raiders got DeShone Kizer in waivers.
  11. When I'm on the clock and I'm trying to trade etc...I like to be courteous and let the league know what is going on so they know it may be a little while before I make my pick.
  12. He's on offensive lineman he is suppose to have a keg underneath his jersey not a six pack.
  13. I love the Incognito signing. LG still needed to be addressed. As a person with mental health issues myself, I'm not that concerned about it. As long as he stays on his meds and gets the support he needs no concerns here.
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