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  1. Mostert, ARod, and Callaway killed my LU's this week, oh well, onto Week 2!
  2. I went with AB and Lamb as the only players on my Thur/Mon LU's. AB on DK, and Lamb on FD. Not great but not bad so far.
  3. Well another one bits the dust for the Ravens........ouch I won't be using Edwards
  4. What I am looking at for my Core on FD. QB- Jackson, Hurts, Rodgers RB-Kamara, Cook, CMC------Edwards, Mostert, Robinson, D. Harris WR- K. Allen, D. Smith, Lamb, C. Davis, Ant. Brown, Shenault, Callaway TE- Andrews, Pitts, Tonyan D- Denver, NE, Rams I will be stacking a QB with TE/WR. I will usually make 3 LU's, each with different QB/TE/Def. Then I mix in the stud RB's and my WR's. I almost always have RB in flex spot. I will play 1 LU on the Thur/Mon slate, and the other 2 on Sunday.
  5. Seems like these first few weeks you can get some shockers from the Rookies on either side of it. They could blow up or blow out! I like Mac Jones, N. Harris, D. Smith, Waddle, and J. Williams. Another guy I that will probably go off since he has been brutal in the pre season in Chase! He will be low owned!
  6. I love this LU! I am big on Mac Jones and Callaway. They both just pass the eye test for me. Plus, nobody will be on them week 1. Get a decent TE to go with the stud RB's and it should do well.
  7. I think in the past they had two separate threads, but if I remember correctly one of them hardly ever had any action on it. I'm fine with keeping it all in one thread but just putting in the post if you are talking about DK or FD in particular. A lot of the stuff will carry over to both I would say. But, I am up for whatever really.
  8. Looking forward to this thread, and thank you to everyone that contributes. Usually a lurker, but will try to participate more this year. Been playing for several years. Single Entry Player myself ( I will throw a few in the Milly Maker) 3-100 Player Tournaments are my favs. Play on FD and DK only. May try just FD like you all this year. I do think trying to focus on both can be messing me up. Thanks again!
  9. I'm interested, my email is mitch_bush@hotmail.com Long time player that has been away from season long leagues for couple years. I Committed for many years.
  10. Karma what free site are you using? I have really struggles with NBA, especially with roster construction. You can PM me if you don't want to post or are not supposed too.....thx
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