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  1. Cranberry and pineapple work very well with pork in the crock pot.Yeah but outside the crock pot they just fight and don't get any work done.
  2. My experience has been the complete opposite. I have gotten ZERO responses so far. I joined a couple of months ago. I have sent about 25 matches, all in the local area, and haven't had one response. One viewed my profile like 9 times but didn't respond. Granted that is only about 5% of my matches. Everything I read says start with the 5 questions but everyone I talk to says to go straight to email. People tell me I am good looking and nice and I have a great body but I have gotten no interest on the site. So it is very frustrating. I think I get more interest just out and about but I wan't us to know each a little about each other before asking someone out. My profile was a little weak a first but I've tweaked it and I think it's pretty good now. I don't have many good pictures. I can't believe they will not answer 5 multiple choice questions. I have been impressed with the quality but it's like these women are still looking for Mr. Right even though they are single well into their 30's (I am 41).
  3. Ewiz.com has the i5-750 for $185 shipped after coupon code COOL15. Ends 10/16.
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