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  1. Sounds like somebody who saw the future and is merely trying to warn us all. I trust him. More important question is whether Washington covers the spread though?
  2. People forget how hard New England had to play just to go 16-0 in the regular season in 2007, with an offense where Brady and Moss played out of their minds. Indy played them tough then Philly (finishing 8-8) and Baltimore (finishing 5-11) nearly defeated them. Even the Giants game at the end of the year nearly knocked them off. Belichick always says that any team can win on Sunday and it's about execution and doing their job. No way does he intentionally lose a game (c'mon... really? This coach of all coaches would intentionally lose??) but putting them into situations they may find themselves in the future is a legitimate expectation. New England could go undefeated in the regular season but my gut feeling is they get a challenge and end up 13-3 or even 12-4. They don't have that easy a slate: @ Jets, Cleveland, @ Baltimore, @ Philadelphia, Dallas, @ Houston, and Kansas City is a pretty tough stretch IMO. At least 2 of those teams could defeat New England and the Jets/Dolphins always play them tougher than most opponents even if they often lose.
  3. I'm not too surprised with this move. The Patriots have enough depth with Edelman, Gordon, and Dorsett at WR along with James White coming out of the backfield that they didn't need to press an injured N'Keal Harry onto the field if they didn't have to. Belichick often plays for the long term and has constantly stated that Year 2 is when he expects the majority of his rookie players to make the big jump to NFL viability. I expect Harry to have some decent year end production and really make some noise next season.
  4. Always thought Treadwell fit the literal one-dimension 'high point the ball in the end zone' tall WR who really lacked the speed/separation for the NFL. Was stunned he went in the 1st Round (he never struck me as close to similar to guys like Josh Gordon, etc.) and it looks like Minnesota finally gave up on his potential. He could probably land on another team's roster but I'd be surprised if he ever becomes more than a 4th or 5th WR option for an NFL team.
  5. I can see this as last year Freeman still had 130 carries but only 14 catches. He struggled though with just a 4.0 YPC and horrible 5.1 YPR. Lindsay only had 192 carries but still topped 1,000 yards (notable 5.4 YPC) while hauling in 35 catches. Could there be a similar split this season? Absolutely but I also have a feeling this coaching staff will ride the hot hand rather than forcing a mix and if Lindsay's blowing away Freeman performance wise, it'd be baffling for the staff to give Freeman touches just for the sake of keeping a balance. I also think it's telling that despite being undrafted, Lindsay surged past Freeman, who was a 3rd Round pick, and was ultra productive in doing so.
  6. My Candidates (per FBG Redraft PPR) 19 Josh Jacobs - Has a chance to be the bellcow in Oakland. If the offense clicks on the passing side, Gruden is used to riding his RBs hard and features them a fair bit in the passing game as well. Jacobs has a chance to slide in the latter Top 10 if he can get enough passes thrown his way. 24 Phillip Lindsay - Kind of a forgotten player IMO. Has the job locked in Denver and I don't think Freeman's that much of a threat to him (in comparison to how people are reacting to say Carson/Penny or Michel/Harris). Good chance to hit 1,000+ rushing yards and could sneak into the 9th or 10th spot with a strong enough year. BUST 16 Aaron Jones - I'm just not sold on him. He's played 12 games in 2017/2018 and has a great 5.5 YPC but he's no Clinton Portis. As long as Aaron Rodgers is in Green Bay, I just don't think Jones can get enough carries or catches to be a legitimate candidate to crack the Top 10. Also LaFleur's already said that Jamaal Williams will get some action so there's a question around how much Jones gets touch wise per game.
  7. This guy is a Sleeper (when they are expected to be a Top 10 QB/RB/WR/TE). Sleepers should be that #2/#3 spot with potential to be a Top 10-12-14 finisher in your league. DEEP Sleepers are guys who are in that #4-#6 range who could end up being a #2 or #3 finisher with the right circumstances all falling into place e.g. Phillip Lindsay coming out of nowhere to outperform higher drafted teammate and lock the starting job down. I've also always loathed the phrase Reach. ADP isn't a be-all end-all and if the guy you believe in finishes where you expect him to, why outsmart yourself to get value and miss out on taking them? Sometimes it's worth reaching for a guy you think provides value at that spot even if the ADP doesn't agree with you. Example: I take RB David Johnson at 1.06 thinking he'll finish at RB1 after 4 RBs have been taken while his ADP says he should be taken later. There's value still there if you think you've taken the #1 RB as the 5th RB overall.
  8. Pretty sure Faust is the Fantasy Football equivalent of Adam Schefter. Are we sure that Faust isn't the guy tapping away on his phone at a random local Starbucks scooping news before anybody else? Keep an eye out, folks. We may need to start up a Where's Faust? picture book series.
  9. Even if Jackson remains a heavy volume runner, I think Andrews has some sneaky upside as the go to TE receiving option. His best fantasy comp is probably Alge Crumpler during the Vick Atlanta heydays of the early 2000s: While he didn't catch a lot of TDs, Crumpler from 2003-2006 put up the following - 44 for 552, 48 for 774, 65 for 877, and 56 for 780.
  10. I think Detroit is emulating a lot of what the New England Patriots are doing (and were doing in the 2017-2018 Seasons) as they transition to more of a power running team. Detroit is working on utilizing a legitimate FB, they are striving for RBs who can do multiple things on the field but also have a size aspect to them: C.J. Anderson's the shortest RB at 5'8" but listed at 220 while the 'smallest' (used loosely) RB is Ty Johnson at 5'10" 210. Zenner's a deep sleeper if injuries strike as he has the size to run inside as a backup but also some ability to be a receiving threat in a change of pace Rex Burkhead type role (25 catches between 2016 & 2018 with 10.1 YPR). Hockenson's a dual threat, Jesse James provides a well rounded balanced TE who can be a factor as an in-line blocker, and Nauta/Thomas/Traylor represent depth who can evolve their games. Outside of 5'8" Brandon Powell, they got a lot of size at the WR position with Golloday/Marvin Jones/Kearse all listed at 6'1"+ and 200+ pounds. Even Amendola is 5'11" 185 and has proven his mettle as a tough nosed receiver willing to get his nose dirty blocking outside. This team has potential to be really interesting from a value perspective related to the running game but also as a possible downfield passing team.
  11. 14 Biggest Questions for Green Bay Packers Entering Training Camp "Aaron Jones looks like the favorite to be the lead back in LaFleur’s offense, and for good reason, but the Packers coach has said all along that he wants a mix at running back." Curious if it's just coach speak or LaFleur ends up using more RBs behind Jones than people think, possibly capping Jones' upside as a potential RB1.
  12. With Dawson Knox (whom I picked up as a UDFA in my league and I only had ranked 7th in the 2019 TE Draft Class), I think there are some fears that athletic, fast TEs don't necessarily produce that way on the football field itself. He also had limited production coming out of Ole Miss (seeing his catches drop from just 24 to 15) so I certainly understand why owners may be leery of spending a higher pick on him. He's a perfect low buy/potentially high ceiling draft pick. Maybe he's the TE who utilizes his athleticism to be a down the seam legitimate threat... or he ends up the TE who is a marginal blocker, struggles to stay on the field consistently, and ends every season with just 15-20 catches while teasing owners.
  13. 2 QB/3 RB/4 WR/2 TE/1 RB/WR/TE Flex with 2 PPR 12 Team League. Good QB talent tends to be taken high, WRs tend to get a boost, and scarcity can also boost TEs some. This was also started on May 3rd. 1.01: QB Kyler Murray 1.02: WR N'Keal Harry 1.03: RB Josh Jacobs 1.04: RB David Montgomery 1.05: QB Dwayne Haskins 1.06: RB Miles Sanders 1.07: WR DK Metcalf 1.08: XXX 1.09: WR Marquise Brown 1.10: TE TJ Hockenson 1.11: WR Deebo Samuel 1.12: WR AJ Brown 2.01: RB Darrell Henderson 2.02: TE Noah Fant 2.03: QB Drew Lock 2.04: WR Parris Campbell 2.05: TE Irv Smith Jr 2.06: RB Damien Harris 2.07: WR Mecole Hardman 2.08: XXX 2.09: WR Hakeem Butler 2.10: QB Daniel Jones 2.11: WR Andy Isabella 2.12: RB Justice Hill 3.01: WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside 3.02: RB Rodney Anderson 3.03: WR Diontae Johnson 3.04: WR Miles Boykin 3.05: RB Bryce Love 3.06: RB Alexander Mattison 3.07: TE Jace Sternberger 3.08: XXX 3.09: WR Jalen Hurd 3.10: RB Devin Singletary 3.11: QB Ryan Finley 3.12: TE Isaac Nauta 4.01: RB Devine Ozigbo 4.02: QB Jarrett Stidham 4.03: TE Foster Moreau 4.04: WR Kelvin Harmon 4.05: WR Gary Jennings Jr 4.06: WR KeeSean Johnson 4.07: RB Dexter Williams 4.08: XXX 4.09: RB Benny Snell Jr 4.10: RB Myles Gaskin 4.11: QB Will Grier 4.12: RB Trayveon Williams
  14. Rolling with Gordon against the Rams D. Raiders RBs had 13 catches (boosted by Jalen Richard but Richard was productive with 55 yards despite a long of 9) Cardinals RBs had 6 catches (on a day where Bradford completed 17 passes for 90 yards) with Chase Edmonds getting 5 himself. I think both could be sneaky starters if the Rams either blow out the Chargers or get into a shootout where Rivers is forced to throw the Bolts back into it to win the game. Gordon may not run for 100+ but I could see him finishing with a 30 Rushing + 7 catches for 50 Receiving and maybe 1 TD type game. Not especially fancy but solid in a PPR league and could challenge 100 total yards if he can generate anything on the ground in addition to his receiving potential. Ekeler could see 5-8 catches if he's on the field more to pass protect/be a safety valve judging by how Richard and Edmonds fared. A potential dirty RB2 if you need a flier.
  15. Just an observation from a Patriots homer but in re-watching the Stafford interceptions... Some of them were just poor reads/decision making. One of them was a bad read in which he tried to go deep sideline with a safety closing in whilst ignoring the blitzing Slot DB letting said Slot WR get matchup on a LB whom the receiver had beaten for a few yards. The Darron Lee pick was simply a well executed play. Lee beat the WR? trying to rub him going across and jumped the RB pass. If the rub were executed better, odds are this would've simply been a short completion for 4-7 yards. Can't really blame Stafford on this one. His final? pick was a really bad throw to a receiver down the seam covered by 3 defenders. Bad decision where Stafford just threw it up there.
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