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  1. I had a similar reaction with the J&J first 8 hours mild symptoms next 8 hours had fever more headaches and muscle soreness. By the 20 Hours post shot was feeling 95% of normal, more groggy than anything. Definitely worth it!!! Small side effects over relatively small amount of time for great results foR myself and community.
  2. Didn’t one of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine news drop on a weekend? I thought I woke up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and first saw it on Good Morning America.
  3. I read your link and no where did it say ‘mid- January’ Here’s the actual quote from the article you linked. Doesn’t specifically say ‘mid-January’ so not sure why you laid it as you did. VANCOUVER, Washington, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CytoDyn Inc. (OTC.QB: CYDY), (“CytoDyn” or the “Company"), a late-stage biotechnology company developing Vyrologix™ (leronlimab-PRO 140), a CCR5 antagonist with the potential for multiple therapeutic indications, announced today it had reached full enrollment in its Phase 3 registrational trial for patients with severe-to-critical COVID-19. The 390-patient data will be analyzed in approximately 28 days, with expected results to be announced shortly thereafter.
  4. This looks pretty cool, little pricey, but sweet. Wish they sold an adapter with the monitor only that I could hook up to my rower.
  5. It is working out great. Use it 4-5 days per week. I do notice a slight noise every so often when rowing and believe it is where the roller hits the side rail. Was checking it out yesterday and believe I just need to make sure it is aligned evenly on both sides. Other than that minor issue everything is great and would recommend.
  6. To me the WaterRower just seemed like a little better overall quality compared to the concept 2. The biggest issue I have with rowing for long times is my right foot going numb. The more I have rowed the less this has been an issue. I can go a good almost 20 without having any foot issues whereas before it was much shorter. I try to stop after first 15 min then maybe every 10 min after for a quick adjustment of my feet. im also not going all out rowing now. Usually going at a pace of 2:15 min per 500M. Versus before on both rowers I was using as part of a HIIT and going for shorter distances are much higher intensity. When I would do at a high intensity many times my form would be scarified for speed and I did have some back issues on both when I did that. I’m doing about 40,000 meters per week and haven’t had any back issues yet in past 3 months
  7. I bought a water rower and love it. I ordered from a local exercise equipment store and it was delivered within a week of ordering versus direct from the company was going to be 2 months. I have used both the water rower and concept 2 before and like the feel, function and sound of the water rower over the concept 2. Love the swooshing of the water. Good luck!
  8. I’m usually at about 2:15 per 500M. For 30 min usually about 6,500M and a 10K is about 45-47 min. no rowing today, did a 45 Min Peloton ride with Alex T. Love that guy, kicks my butt. Using rower for longer steady state exercise and Peloton for more cardio intensive. did have a little wine tonight, but not much and I’m good to sticking to a drink or two on weekends. Planning to cut back on the IPA’s and beer in general for now. Looking to drop about 10 pounds.
  9. 10K on the rower today in 46 minutes watching a show on TV. Really makes the time fly. Changed it up and took a ‘break’ every 2,000 meters or so and banged out 20 push-ups for a total of 100 during the session. That last set was a bear!
  10. Got in a 10K today on the rower. Trying to shoot for 40-50K per week with some Peloton rides sprinkled in.
  11. I’m in for a rowing challenge. Got a water rower about 2 months ago and doing that almost exclusively. Love going out to the garage and putting something on Netflix and rowing 30-60m. I haven’t picked up a weight or done a push up in 3+ months but just doing steady state on the rower has me feeling so much stronger. count me in!
  12. Looks like part of a pre determined plan sale executed 11/12. Bunch of NQ’s, non-qualified stock options. The spread between the exercise price and grant price is taxable compensation (ordinary income) to him. Pretty common from lots of exec’s I have seen. Most NQ’s I see are same day exercise and sell due to tax consequences. Imagine he has many more ‘in the money’ options.
  13. Back in on CYDY train, hope it keeps going up and me buying in doesn’t cause it to go down.
  14. I agree with all of this. That said I sold my remaining shares today for $2.15 (basis on this lot about $0.85). think today is a little over reaction on all sides. The study only had 94 total participants be infected with CV, which seems really low. Lots of hurdles still to go with vaccine but I hope they nail it and get something out soon. I remember back to the good old days and when CYDY got up to a few bucks, Chet said the easy money has been made, now they need to perform. My confidence in them performing had declined over the last few months, weeks and days. I sometimes kick myself for not selling higher back in June; but also realize I still booked significant profits thanks to Chet, thanks gb!!
  15. Likely to be LL since I sold half of my shares this past week.
  16. Likely to go up now since I sold about half Of my remaining shares just under $3. Overall returned back 2.65 times my original investment and still holding 36% of original shares.
  17. I’m still in and this is what I did. Took rest of my cost basis plus a little profit at $5. Still have about 70% of my original shares. Holding on that science wins out but definitely the daily red is a grind.
  18. I love humor more than anyone, just haven’t seen any from you.
  19. Trying to determine which short on the yahoo message board you remind me of the most.
  20. It is payroll related so tax withheld now at statutory rates set by IRS.
  21. Correct. Depends on the type of option, stock award, etc but this sell to cover is pretty common. He picks up ordinary income at fmv * number of shares and then sells a portion to cover the tax bill on all the shares. After this he would have short/long term capital gains/losses from here but his cost basis would be $4.97 on his remaining shares from this lot.
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