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  1. Almost wish he'd been a complete bust, rather than these periodic teases over the years that tempted you to start him on occasion, and prevented you from dropping him. Huge disappointment.
  2. Fantastic band. Delighted they were never embraced by average Americans.
  3. If the prevent defense actually prevented anything, it would be employed from the first snap of the game.
  4. Either Fuller is right, and he should sue the medical professional for malpractice, or (more likely IMO) he's lying and the medical professional should sue Fuller for slander. The fact that neither seems interested in pursuing legal justice is very telling.
  5. The gulf in value between Kamara and Ingram is massive compared to the one between Minshew and Jackson. Hold.
  6. This is the strangest election. It revolves almost entirely around Trump himself. No one seems to like Biden, even Democrats. Trump, on the other hand, is absolutely loathed by Democrats, even beyond the degree to which he is loved by Republicans. Trump draws crowds of tens of thousands of people, while Biden can barely fill a high school gym. Even though my Facebook contact list is probably 80% Democrat, I have a grand total of seven contacts who have even bothered to "like" Biden's FB page, and some of those I know for certain are Trump supporters. Meanwhile nearly a hundred of my contacts h
  7. 4 guys in coverage, let's lob it in there and hope it works out..
  8. Packers fan here, just to state the obvious: that is an absurd mark. Saints ball.
  9. Good no call. Minor infractions and contact from both of them, but this is how the game should be called: let them battle and figure it out as PLAYERS.
  10. I liked the original offer. Jeudy is a stud, and while Julio's almost certainly going to have another excellent year or two, now's the time to move him in dynasty leagues, before you're stuck holding the bag on him like a Demaryius Thomas, Jordi Nelson, etc..
  11. His team name is not "Mean Machine", is it, by any chance?
  12. Fiat billionaires are now fleeing to Bitcoin for safety for all the reasons we've been saying for years. 😅
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