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  1. The adminsitration has taken advantage of the fan base for a long time by knowing they didn't have to produce results in order for people to attend the games and donate money, so they haven't invested in the components required to build a competitive program for nearly two decades. To be fair, it made sense for them to be cheap because the money kept flowing in, people were that devoted to the football team. However, what you witnessed yesterday was the "final phase" of their implosion...Clemson fans have shifted from passionate, to hopeful, to disappointed, to outraged, and now, finally, apathetic. The reality of the situation is that many Clemson fans were more upset about the win than NCSU was about the loss. That undeserving garbage win will set the program back another five years, easily. All Clemson has to do now is beat Wake and become bowl eligible, then they can claim a successful season and Swinney stays. This ensures another year of poor recruiting due to instability at HC, followed by another season of mediocre football, rinse and repeat. Then when they do replace Swinney, they'll bring on some other loser with no experience at a bargain basement salary and the entire process will start anew. The only ray of hope is that people have stopped showing up. Maybe when the place is completely empty Clemson will take steps to fix the bridges they have burned by ruining what used to be so special, but at this point, I doubt it.
  2. Absolutely, without question.The seed from the Tommy Bowden coaching tree is in full bloom.
  3. 1) As an experienced Clemson fan, you should now expect them to lose to BC this weekend.2) Congrats to the Pack, they are a very fun team to watch this season.3) FSU fans must feel awful, that was a brutal way to lose.
  4. Who?Resident expert The Commish should answer this one as confirmation. I got nothing unless you are talking about that dude at Aurora (sp?)Frank's daughter.
  5. Who?Resident expert The Commish should answer this one as confirmation.
  6. Wow, tough crowd. Beamer is the third winningest active coach right now. Casey is definitely top tier, too.
  7. H.K. is a Clemson fan, but he only post occasionally about them. I doubt he would care if you mocked them, because he does the same.Is very strange. I have been in the revenge business so long, now that it's over, I don't know what to do with the rest of my life.- Inigo Montoya Still basking in the glow of Tommy Bowden getting canned. He is still unemployed, btw, not that anyone cares. FWIW, Clemson has no chance against Auburn. North Texas ran all over them and had a 2-1 TOP advantage. Auburn will shove the ball down Clemon's throat and there won't be anything they can do to stop it. The simple truth is that Clemson hasn't recruited anyone in decades, Spurrier has dominated in state and look where USC is now. For further proof, look at the Tigers #10 rank among ACC schools for players currently in the NFL. So make fun of Clemson all you want, they haven't won crap in 20 years.
  8. Also, Cathy's net worth is estimated at $1.2 Billion.Owner-operator's do quite well, too. For those thinking of getting one, it's extremely difficult. You can view the application on their web site.
  9. Unemployment Graph for the past few years The common phrase regarding unemploment in this country is "10% is the new 5%", so an election during a period where unemployment is "down to 9% "(as suggested in the original article like it would be a positive) would not be good for incumbents when the voting public is now facing a far higher number of unemployed than the previous norm.
  10. H.K.

    Huge fan of his work

  11. Greyhounds rock!

  12. Greyhounds rule! :thumbup:

  13. How many years left do you have at 7.5? I'd guess it would be a no brainer if you don't plan on moving anytime soon.Had 28 years left and we arent moving for a looooooooong time (at least I hope not).Yep, no brainer. Sorry for missing the bailout joke.
  14. How many years left do you have at 7.5? I'd guess it would be a no brainer if you don't plan on moving anytime soon.
  15. This guy gets it.

  16. seemed to be a good enough criteria for the probowl and mvp votersDoesn't that underscore why it is a bad measurement? Are you going to tell me that Flacco and T. Jackson are better QB's than (fill in the blank) because they won a lot of games and are still alive in the playoffs?C'mon, this is the shark pool.T. Jackson isn't still alive in the playoffs. &
  17. This guy gets it.

  18. Hard to believe that was just a year ago. Now, according to this poll, it'd be the other way around. Yep. People who responded "I lean left...." : 75 People who responded "I lean right...": 58 Those claiming neither feel the left is more prevalent 18 to 8.
  19. Congrats and I hope everything works out for the best with the health of your child.
  20. Same as what Girl A said.

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