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  1. I’m not moving on. Kind of hoping it isn’t close as that way I won’t do the what if thing.
  2. Plus 37 after the 4:00 games. Done but feeling good.
  3. Not many people helped by that game despite the fairly high score. Of course, if I was one of the few Hines or Pittman owners (which I’m not), I’m ecstatic.
  4. I sort of feel like the Cowboys 🤠 have already been on a bye the last 3 weeks.
  5. I think that I have the Brees/Brady TD race to thank for moving on as it looked like New Orleans was going to play their backups but they decided to put Brees back in for one more TD.
  6. Actually I wish I had gotten Kelce instead of Ertz. I kept thinking I was spending too much at RB but could not find a cheaper combo that I liked so I settled for Ertz. It looks like that decision will cost me this weekend as I have been hanging around the cut line most of the day
  7. I went with 18 and am still happy with my choice. Now I would be happier with a different 18 but I would not increase the roster much if at all given a second chance. People in this group seem to prefer large rosters and look down upon the small rosters but I found that the cheap players I would pick never made any difference. So after many years I finally concluded that I was bad at picking cheap players and have gone with 18 the last two years. Last year was the first time I made it to the final 250.
  8. Maybe my bad. I don’t see 2 pointers counting in the rules. I just assumed they did. Looks like my bad. Sorry.
  9. Thank you for updating. Just a FYI that I think the 2 pointer that Ridley caught is not being counted. Just thought I’d let you in case this is something left out. Thanks again.
  10. Shepard showing up nicely tonight after being useless previously.
  11. I entered last night up one over the Turk with all of Brees going. After a quarter plus of me staying within a point or two of him, he finally did something so feeling pretty good up 22.5 and I still got Gostkowski -9 in case he kick 7 FGs. Good luck to all that need it tonight.
  12. I didn't realize it was up and running until just a few minutes ago as the contest loses so much interest for me without the live scoring. Anyways, thanks for getting it running and donation sent. Comfortably continuing with a 181.1. Gostkowski for early contest MVP.
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