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  1. Come to think of it... anyone heard from RnR lately? That dude has all the cash, too.
  2. Sure. There are 15 new DHs, 60-man rosters... it's gonna be a wild time.
  3. Looks like the max is 5 IL spots and 20 bench slots.
  4. Expanding rosters and holding a supplemental draft to fill the slots also is an option
  5. Anyone opposed to expanding the IL spots? I think that may be a necessity in this format.
  6. If this goes 50 games or less, I'm leaning toward scrapping it and refunding everyone. If it ends up at a half-ish season, I'm inclined to let it ride.
  7. We should definitely all subtly email his university address. Someone come up with a game plan.
  8. If RnR were around, he'd probably ask if you guys want to call this whole thing off.
  9. This weighed heavily into my decision to add him to the squad. Next to managerial selection, locker room music (and the chemistry that comes with it) was a big factor in my drafting strategy.
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