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  1. Was targeting picking up the Chargers in my main league this week, and missed my window due to odd roster management mistakes by yours truly. Instead, the guy that grabbed the Chargers dropped the Broncos so I snapped them up. Should I be happy? Decent chance I can stop doing the streaming Defense two-step the rest of the year? Any team I may want to keep an eye on to pair up with them?
  2. I have an iPhone for work (Android for personal). Lately I've been running into an odd issue with iMessages and contacts. I have three accounts on my phone for contacts - my work account set up/verified through Microsoft (Office 365 maybe?), my personal Gmail, and then an iCloud account. When I first go to create a group iMessage (or a single new message) I can pull from any of the contact groups. However, as soon as I try to make it into a group message - by pressing the + sign after the first recipient's name - the contact list it pulls up is only my Gmail contacts. Obviously this doesn't work well since I can't create a group from multiple work contacts. Can someone help me figure out what's going on here? Obviously, thanks in advance.
  3. You get to put your opinions on the policy/practice out there, but @babydemon90 doesn't get to retort?
  4. Football Outsiders did a study in 2017 of QBs taken by round from 1994-2016. There were 25 QBs taken in the second round during that time. At the time they rated 6 of those as "good." Brees (13), Kaepernick, Dalton (3 - always a replacement), Plummer (1), Kordell Stewart (1), Derek Carr (3 - two as replacement) are those good QBs with their Pro Bowl numbers also listed. Outside of Brees I see 3 total Pro Bowl seasons earned, and 3 more as a replacement. I personally checked on the intervening years since that study, and you'll see luminaries like DeShone Kizer, Drew Lock, and Jalen Hurts added to that list. You may want to set your expectations a little differently for a second round QB.
  5. It seems like from listening to several different podcasts, there isn't massive difference between all these players that will be going off the board until we get to 12. Picking up the extra first for next year is a solid bonus if that's true. Plus if we don't trust Howie to make a great pick anyway, at least get more for later.
  6. Sure, but if that's the route you take, you almost need him to be really good or really bad. If he's just so-so then we aren't in a position to draft a good QB (assuming based on record) and don't have a lot of forward-looking hope.
  7. And @modoggthis of course has nothing to do with you owning Hurts as a (potential) keeper for our league next year, right?
  8. I've been out of the thread for a while. Did you ever spill the beans on the craziness behind the scenes you had alluded to before? Didn't know if I should go hunting back in the thread to see. I'm still holding some of my CYDY (admittedly not as much as most of you) so rooting for success still.
  9. Speaking of bottom of the barrel, I'm down to Duke, DeAndre Washington, Jamaal Williams, or Chase Edmonds (or other similar WW fodder).
  10. GB @ DET or CAR v DEN? Thinking CAR since DEN is losing their LT for this week. But GB has been solid...
  11. Wanted to get LAR, but they got snagged in front of me. Currently have GB for this week and CLE for 15/16 (if I make it). Can grab ARI for this week in place of GB if I want. Any thoughts?
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