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  1. Sure, but if that's the route you take, you almost need him to be really good or really bad. If he's just so-so then we aren't in a position to draft a good QB (assuming based on record) and don't have a lot of forward-looking hope.
  2. And @modoggthis of course has nothing to do with you owning Hurts as a (potential) keeper for our league next year, right?
  3. I've been out of the thread for a while. Did you ever spill the beans on the craziness behind the scenes you had alluded to before? Didn't know if I should go hunting back in the thread to see. I'm still holding some of my CYDY (admittedly not as much as most of you) so rooting for success still.
  4. Speaking of bottom of the barrel, I'm down to Duke, DeAndre Washington, Jamaal Williams, or Chase Edmonds (or other similar WW fodder).
  5. GB @ DET or CAR v DEN? Thinking CAR since DEN is losing their LT for this week. But GB has been solid...
  6. Wanted to get LAR, but they got snagged in front of me. Currently have GB for this week and CLE for 15/16 (if I make it). Can grab ARI for this week in place of GB if I want. Any thoughts?
  7. I'm going to see the movie at about 5:30 at a MovieTavern. I'm really torn here. On one hand, I have the ability to have beers delivered to my seat at the push of a button all movie long. On the other hand, it's a long movie and at some point if I'm slugging down cold brews I'll have to pee. The longer I wait, the longer it will take. Do I skip beers? Wait until the second half of the movie? Just do whiskey to reduce volume intake? Wear an adult diaper? Pee in an empty popcorn bucket during a loud battle scene? It really is a quandary...
  8. 5:30 on Friday night! Tickets are going so fast. Twice mine got taken while in the checkout process.
  9. I'm guessing it's a red herring, but I feel like the tag that cat is wearing at the end of the trailer means something.
  10. Agree. And I'll likely love every damn minute of Avengers: MOAR SUPERHEROES. Oh, wait, you meant that as a bad thing?
  11. Found that link on AICN, they speculated that Ragnarok may pick up where the Strange after-credits scene ended, or thereabouts. It would make sense as the scene where Hela crushes Mjolnir looks like it takes place in NYC (or some other urban area of Earth).
  12. Hey Mo, I just finished watching it last night. Some of the parts of episodes were so smart and fun and funny (often with Oliver). Occasionally I feel like it was trying to be too "meta" but may benefit from a rewatch as a binge. What podcasts did you listen to about it and did they provide any insights into the show?
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