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  1. Football Outsiders did a study in 2017 of QBs taken by round from 1994-2016. There were 25 QBs taken in the second round during that time. At the time they rated 6 of those as "good." Brees (13), Kaepernick, Dalton (3 - always a replacement), Plummer (1), Kordell Stewart (1), Derek Carr (3 - two as replacement) are those good QBs with their Pro Bowl numbers also listed. Outside of Brees I see 3 total Pro Bowl seasons earned, and 3 more as a replacement. I personally checked on the intervening years since that study, and you'll see luminaries like DeShone Kizer, Drew Lock, and Jalen Hurts added to that list. You may want to set your expectations a little differently for a second round QB.
  2. It seems like from listening to several different podcasts, there isn't massive difference between all these players that will be going off the board until we get to 12. Picking up the extra first for next year is a solid bonus if that's true. Plus if we don't trust Howie to make a great pick anyway, at least get more for later.
  3. Sure, but if that's the route you take, you almost need him to be really good or really bad. If he's just so-so then we aren't in a position to draft a good QB (assuming based on record) and don't have a lot of forward-looking hope.
  4. And @modoggthis of course has nothing to do with you owning Hurts as a (potential) keeper for our league next year, right?
  5. I've been out of the thread for a while. Did you ever spill the beans on the craziness behind the scenes you had alluded to before? Didn't know if I should go hunting back in the thread to see. I'm still holding some of my CYDY (admittedly not as much as most of you) so rooting for success still.
  6. Speaking of bottom of the barrel, I'm down to Duke, DeAndre Washington, Jamaal Williams, or Chase Edmonds (or other similar WW fodder).
  7. GB @ DET or CAR v DEN? Thinking CAR since DEN is losing their LT for this week. But GB has been solid...
  8. Wanted to get LAR, but they got snagged in front of me. Currently have GB for this week and CLE for 15/16 (if I make it). Can grab ARI for this week in place of GB if I want. Any thoughts?
  9. Any link to catch this online in an unofficial manner?
  10. Check out the classic robe from Snowe.com. Got one for my wife last year and she loves it. Not cheap, but on BF/Cyber Monday you can get it around $80. Excellent quality. Also, unrelated to the robe request - my son got me a rocks glass from this place last year. They put your local street map etched on a rocks glass, pint glass, wine glass, etc. You can also add a message on the side or bottom. It's pretty cool and obviously very personalized for a fairly reasonable price.
  11. My wife and the other wives in the neighborhood have been loving this thing especially as folks try to socialize outside before it's definitely too cold. Might go on sale for BF or Cyber Monday. If you are a Costco member, the one near me is now selling them for $23 in store, which is a very good deal. Costco.com has a 2-pack for $45.
  12. I've been having that debate this afternoon. In a good enough spot where I can sell half and free ride the rest (not taking into account the taxes). But looking at Nikola's market cap this price can still double from here and be below NKLA - and this is an actual product/plant.
  13. That's why my buddy has been a believer. They are a real company with a real production factory and a prototype. His only/main lingering concern is that there's always risk when going from prototype to full scale production. But otherwise the leadership group and technology they have in place is what has built up the belief. Not to mention they've had a good partnership with GM in terms of getting the facility, investment, etc. Always the chance down the road that if they do well and GM's elec division doesn't that they could get bought out by a big-3 auto maker which would likely be good for the stock as well. He really likes that they are focused on a key market segment and not just general consumer either. Little more steady that way.
  14. I was one of the guys pushing RIDE back when it was just the SPAC - admit I got nervous when it dropped recently but the guy that had sold me on it told me to keep the faith. Hell, wish I had bought a little more in at the time. I'll trim a lot of my cost out when it touches $30 again, but I do feel (as does he and his investing group) that this can easily climb above it given time.
  15. My son (12 y/o) is interested in building a budget-ish gaming PC and I'm happy to try and help him out. Typically he plays things like Fortnite, Paladins, and WarFace. This is our basic shopping list so far - let me know if I'm missing anything: case Power Supply Motherboard/processor Graphics card Audio card Ethernet/Wifi RAM Hard Drive Monitor Speakers Keyboard Mouse Any suggestions on processor/Mobo as well as Graphics Card? Want to make it somewhat future proofed while still getting him good value for his money since he'll be working for this.
  16. Any CHI fans have insight or strong feeling on if Allen Robinson plays on Monday night?
  17. Has @Cecil Lammey dropped an info/opinions on Fant and his return on the recent podcasts? I haven't had time to listen lately.
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