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  1. The Outsiders - The Letter American History X (1998) - final scene
  2. again social distancing would do far more good but people aren't being shamed for that. well at least some people aren't
  3. nobody wants to hear that distancing is more important
  4. my mother is extremely worried about it and even she doesn't make us wear one when we go for walks. she was a nurse and has a lung disease and i have cancer.
  5. Wentz Carson PHI QB Roethlisberger BenPIT QB (Q) McCaffrey ChristianCAR RB Edwards-Helaire ClydeKCC RB Vaughn Ke'ShawnTBB RB Williams DamienKCC RB Kelley JoshuaLAC RB Godwin ChrisTBB WR Woods RobertLAR WR Chark D.J.JAC WR Jones MarvinDET WR Brown MarquiseBAL WR (Q) Campbell ParrisIND WR Pittman Michael IND WR Hurst HaydenATL TE Smith JonnuTEN TE Gould RobbieSFO PK Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def
  6. Funny enough Hockenson would have been the 2nd te that I would taken as well.
  7. should have gone wentz/stafford at the last turn and then double te this turn as it turned out
  8. I would argue that qb and te are very deep. Just got Wentz at the 10/11 which is who I would have taken in the the 6th/7th if I had selected a qb. TE's after the top 4 are all relatively equal to me till about 18. If I wasn't on the end, I probably would have passed on Hurst but just hard to tell when backups will be taken. I don't agree at all that rb's are plentiful Might have taken Brady instead of Wentz/ coin flip
  9. hated that turn - took d. williams - didn't take because of CEH he was the best rb left for me / Took the upside of M. Brown over the bengals wr's. Thought about Waller was really hoping for akers/dak/wilson
  10. I took CEH and Godwin at my turn. Would have taken Kittle over CEH had he made it 1 more pick. Was torn between Allen Robinson/DJ Moore and CEH/4net. Just feel so much more comfortable with the later wr's than the later rb's.
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