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  1. Your posts have a breathless hyperbolic quality which you then pass off as simply stating the facts. It's exhausting. But hey, you keep doing you.
  2. For those following along at home. Yup, she's still sick.
  3. Incorporating goat rodeo into all applicable conversations going forward.
  4. Because she's also a chronic chatter, I overheard her bragging that she's had influenza A & B back to back. Who the hell brags about that? Nobody has made a large stink because they don't want to seem like a germaphobic loon. Most bosses do.
  5. Hey HRGuys - If I start referring to her as 'Patient Zero' in company emails and conversation, would I be contributing to a hostile work environment or some other actionable offense?
  6. Update: We've just started Week 3 of TB ward roulette. She sounds like she's dying.
  7. To my cow-orker, By the sound of it, your lower respiratory infection is progressing nicely. I certainly appreciate your dedication in coming to work every day for the past two weeks. Don't let anyone tell you that you're a useless, nonvalue-added drone that could easily complete their daily tasks while working from home. How would people know how special and important you are if you weren't spreading your filth throughout the office?
  8. 1. While it's entirely possible that China is under-reporting the deaths, they're almost certainly under-reporting the case count. This thing has been brewing since mid-December. They have no idea how many have it and don't have testing capacity to find out. 2. I think this is a big one. A Chinese hospital in the red-zone might be the worst place to be right now. Which then plays into #1 and the under-reported cases. Sick people might be staying home if they're not in critical condition. 3. No idea. 4. Fecal-oral transmission. I'm curious about the differences in socitial hygiene between central China and the West. Along this route, I think overwhelmed hospitals in the red-zone might struggle with contamination control. Anyway, I'm rooting for the global community to figure this out. This week is big. If we start seeing exported outbreaks...
  9. For being, in my opinion, one of the more important departments in the UN, they routinely underwhelm.
  10. We'll know soon enough if the exported cases start to bloom.
  11. Some additional details: Spouse of first Chicago case. Close personal contact.
  12. That may be, but the denominator is almost certainly larger than just the confirmed cases.
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