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  1. Rates in the US are much higher than other parts of the world, and we have a much higher Debt to GDP Ratio than most of them (Japan is the exception). 10yr US - 0.896% 10yr UK - 0.175% 10yr JPN - 0.009% 10yr FR - (0.3758)% 10yt GRM - (0.627)% Trump attacked Powell for not lowering the rates further. And he still proposed lowering cap gains taxes again this fall. Mnuchin also withdrew financial tools from the Fed after Trump lost the election.
  2. Here is AOC with the answer - Video Link No matter your feelings on AOC and progressive policies - this is the future of communicating and grassroots campaigns. This video was on my 17 year old daughters Instagram Thursday night.
  3. People will get help ( UI supplements, Stimulus checks) when businesses get their bailouts (liability protection, Airline bailouts). Mitch McConnell knows who funds his campaign.
  4. My son is going to think he is rich with the 2 shares he bought at $112 this summer. Hopefully the RBLX opportunity will be cheaper than some of these other IPOs.
  5. I'm going to play a little game with myself - see if a 2 fund portfolio can outperform S&P500 with almost no inputs or changes. I'm going to use TNA/TMF and a target 60/40 allocation. Will rebalance to this ratio on 3/16, 6/28, 9/28. Starting position is 100 TNA, 103 TMF, nominal cash. Goals are to look at volatility decay, take market timing out of play, and as a comparison for my more active accounts. No additional funds will go into this account. Dec 8 - 9600.56 - Dec 8 Portfolio
  6. I haven't checked lately, but is Tesla now valued more than all the other auto manufacturers combined?
  7. I think he means that American Exceptionalism is once again proving to be the best in the world when private capital (The US Government) funds American companies ( working with German and British companies and universities)that single handedly figure out the China Virus ( using the formula the Chinese gave us in mid January).
  8. Any interest in tracking some real life portfolios? I have a traditional IRA with about $9000 in it. I won’t be adding to it but I’d like to try a couple predefined moves with it in 2021 and see how it matches up against the market.
  9. This happened to me last week. State of Kansas sent a letter to my ex-wife that said my benefit claim was in process. Document had last 4 of my SSN, employment info, and the income info was pretty close. I filed a report with the Kansas Department of Labor and put a credit alert with the 3 bureaus. Not sure what else I can do at this point. I check my credit score monthly and the full report each year. Ex-wife was notified by her employer that someone made a claim on her as well.
  10. Continuing the streak of exercise. Lunch fell of the rails - damn cereal is the the devil.
  11. My new staple is both cheap and fairly healthy. I'll switch up chicken and pork depending on what was on sale. Will also throw in left over sausage or beef depending on what I make for my kids. Coffee with cream before noon, bag of salad around 12:30, stew below for late lunch/dinner. Box of Zataran's Red Beans and Rice (765 calories, 18g Fiber, 33g Protein) $2 Bag of frozen soup veggies (200 calories, 8g Fiber, 8g Protein) $1 Shredded Chicken from crock pot (8 oz, 250 calories, 50g Protein) $1-2 Hot sauce to taste
  12. Walked 4 days in a row. Will continue as long as there is a chance to keep my feet dry. Going to slowly back away from sugar and processed carbs,
  13. I put most of my cash back to work on some dips in UPRO and TNA. I don't want to miss the stimulus/infrastructure bumps. Both long term holds. If LTTs rise another 10% I'll see most of those to dump back into these two as well. Debating SOXL as a third option, but we'll see if there is a better entry point down the road. May trickle in this spring.
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