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  1. Where did you see them? First Broncos will be hitting dealers in July. I don’t expect to see many on the streets/trails until the fall.
  2. Got some more SOXL at 28.80 at the open. Holding pat unless it drops to 25. My sell target at the beginning of month was $47.
  3. That was honestly one of my first thoughts as well. That and whether my Bronco reservation will deliver before this truck.
  4. 2022 F150 Lightning - reveal on May 19th. Reservations open up after the reveal. Reveal Link - Countdown to Reveal and Reservations Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning will arrive mid-2022; the truck is powered by batteries & electric motors only – it is not a hybrid or plug in hybrid CNBC Preview
  5. I keep DCAing more into SOXL. I’m all in on semiconductor stocks for the mid term.
  6. We still do daily surveys before going in to the office. If you have potential symptoms, you can't go in. I'd expect this protocol until at least mid October for my job.
  7. They will if we give them a path to citizenship. They will also pay more in taxes once they can be hired legally. Win Win.
  8. I'm using the terms "Hispanic Christians" and "future voters" for the folks crossing the southern border.
  9. Poor planning led to a detour, but should be ready for some May flowers. April 12 -- 203.4 April 19 -- 201.7 April 26 -- 204.8 May 3 -- 202.6
  10. If they have what you want, and you are willing to pay close to sticker, it is a great time. Dealer trades are tough and some hot item new vehicles are going for over sticker. Dealers were literally offering customers more for their trucks than they paid 18 months ago and with 20K miles on them.
  11. All car. Sales rep visiting dealers, 2-3 per day. Cover KC metro and Springfield, MO area. 4-5 hours of car time 6 days a month, another 2-4 hours 6–8 days a month. I need to take the time to go inside and get a salad rather than double cheeseburgers in the car.
  12. Went backwards - need a strategy for work travel that doesn't involve fast food. May 1 - 205.4 I think I can turn it around and make some progress in May - more water, less processed carbs.
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