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  1. DWAC feels like Kodak. With less history.
  2. Also, my musical taste is probably a hot mess at this point. Drove my kids to KC today. We listened to Vampire Weekend on the way down and Taylor Swift for the return trip. I sang along to most of these as well.
  3. Pretty sure this is the tour I saw in Phoenix where Black Eyed Peas opened. My kids were like 7 and 2 at the time so it is mostly a blur. I still think it was a fun song and I sang along with it today.
  4. I like the song and I like the album. I had 5 songs from Horizon in my top 50. Driving beat, good tempo, great energy. I was putting 800 miles a week driving across Arizona when this album came out. It became very familiar and comfortable - may be why I am more fond of some of these songs.
  5. I had that version on a cassette tape back in college and I really enjoyed that version. I was highest on Slow Dancing, but I think it is based off of my memories of the live version. It still makes me smile and I can sing along with it.
  6. Not yet - I have a 4 hour car ride on Friday - I'll catch up then. I don't recall a left/right pushback when the Social Dilemma came out last year. Maybe it is just an anti-regulation thing, but there also seems to be a general disdain of whistleblowers from the right.
  7. I thought conservatives were all about Section 230 and not letting Facebook censor their views. If you want to work on a plan to get more point of views out there and not let big tech decide what to spoon feed you, you should join the conversation.
  8. I only have 2 songs from Rattle and Hum in my top 50 (3 with ISHFWILF, but I think that is more Joshua Tree) Today, going by which album I would want to listen to, I’d rank ahead of Rattle and Hum: Joshua Tree Achtung Baby Unforgettable Fire Boy Under a Blood Red Sky War ……………. these are the same tier as R&H maybe, depending on mood How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb All that you can’t leave behind Pop No Line on the Horizon
  9. I don’t mind the song, but for me It doesn’t stand out on a middle of the road album. I placed it in the 150 range I think. also, most everything outside of my top 50 could easily move 100 places on any given day. And I could move many songs around inside my top 20.
  10. Unpopular opinion: raise taxes to control inflation. We pumped $4T into the economy through stimulus/UI benefits/PPP since Covid started. This is on top of the tax cuts in 2018. More money than goods. 1944 - The Individual Income Tax as a Method of Inflation Control 2019 - MMT raising taxes instead of interest rates to control inflation
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