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  1. Once the federal government steps out of the student loan market and they can be discharged during a bankruptcy, i will be much more supportive of student loans.
  2. He literally claimed on his Instagram account that she was his sister. My bad for believing him. Link
  3. I'll be encouraging my daughter to max out her savings in her Roth before down payment money for a house. Mobility to me, especially at a young age, is more important than home ownership. We lost $86K on the sale of our house in Phoenix after 6 years, before I account for the costs of maintenance, the mortgage, the higher utility bills. And I was stuck in Phoenix. We rented in Southern California for $2800 month next, and left after 18 months. We could have bought the house for $700K, but I would have been stuck with at least $45K in transaction fees to leave. Buying a house
  4. CRT is discussing the events around the event. So instead of leaving it at the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery, we could discuss how Andrew Johnson blocked and vetoed the majority of legislation created to help transition the south out of slavery. We could discuss the profit motives and marketing of the Freedmen's Savings Bank, and how losing over half of their deposits led to distrust among African Americans of the banking system. We could discuss how this distrust was passed down through generations that have lead to the current situation where 60% of blacks in the South don't ha
  5. Education Week attempts to explain CRT and the debate - link My take away is that CRT will be rebranded as Culturally Relevant Teaching and the issue will fade.
  6. I would love to see health care separated from employment. This would drive costs down if people actually understood what they were paying for. Too many people can't make career changes due to the tether of insurance coverage.
  7. Do you always buy the cheapest option? Do you think we should manufacture everything offshore to save money?
  8. $2.13/hour is minimum wage for restaurant servers. Employers will limit hours to avoid providing health care coverage. I expect a pizza delivery driver to make at least $15 hour.
  9. So if it is their best option, they can be paid exploitation wages? Over 9 million jobs posted, labor market is going to drive wages up. When do the owners push for more legal immigration?
  10. I think you underestimate how many Americans DGAF about politics. When does training camp open?
  11. Do German students avoid discussing WWII and the Holocaust because it may make them feel guilty?
  12. I'm thinking of investing in TEN. Reddit loves tendies. Looks like it already doubled over the last 30 days.
  13. The overall vibe I’m getting from this thread is we want to teach American Exceptionalism instead of critical thinking.
  14. I can't find the "extreme stories" on this site. Here was the stuff they said was happening at KU.
  15. Restaurants don't pay enough. They don't provide enough benefits. They provide zero stability. Business owners took the PPP - are you OK with this?
  16. Once the AI takes over driving, will they be able to speed?
  17. If you order a 4 door with a soft top this week there is a good chance it will get built in August for a September delivery.
  18. Ben Sasse vs Donald Trump for the soul of the Republican Party
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