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  1. Not a straight keto - way more veggies. Two staples are eggs and salads. Using cauliflower anywhere that pasta or rice would normally be. Still struggling with work trips - trying to just do Chipotle salad bowls and Panera coffee for my meals. I think I also need to start logging food/exercise again. I can’t eat unlimited meat at 45. I want to add some light running and interval training so I can get in better soccer shape.
  2. I don’t think Congress will make any changes. They are inept.
  3. Facebook and Instagram are optimized to maximize growth and engagement, at the expense of general wellbeing of its users. The impact of social media on children - specifically suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and body image issues - are known to Facebook and they choose to mislead and misdirect, hiding their findings.
  4. It diminishes her role, what she is doing, and changed the message to be a censorship message. Which is what GG wanted.
  5. Much is revealed by who is bestowed hero status by the corporate media. This week's anointed avatar of stunning courage is Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager being widely hailed as a "whistleblower” for providing internal corporate documents to the Wall Street Journal relating to the various harms which Facebook and its other platforms (Instagram and WhatsApp) are allegedly causing. The social media giant hurts America and the world, this narrative maintains, by permitting misinformation to spread (presumably more so than cable outlets and mainstream newspapers do virtually every week); fostering body image neurosis in young girls through Instagram (presumably more so than fashion magazines, Hollywood and the music industry do with their glorification of young and perfectly-sculpted bodies); promoting polarizing political content in order to keep the citizenry enraged, balkanized and resentful and therefore more eager to stay engaged (presumably in contrast to corporate media outlets, which would never do such a thing); and, worst of all, by failing to sufficiently censor political content that contradicts liberal orthodoxies and diverges from decreed liberal Truth. On Tuesday, Haugen's star turn took her to Washington, where she spent the day testifying before the Senate about Facebook's dangerous refusal to censor even more content and ban even more users than they already do.
  6. I wanted to like this song more. Starts off well, but by the middle I feel like the song should have been in Grease.
  7. So you thought your Mexican food joke was cute? Was it because AOC is hispanic? Do you like making jokes about women? I don't understand and find it pathetic. YMMV.
  8. I really don't care how you label Greenwald. In his first two paragraphs, he was attacking the whistleblower. That turned me off to him. She quit her job and is testifying in front of Congress and Greenwald is acting like a jerk. That is why I would shrug off what he says.
  9. I moved my USAA accounts to Schwab. It was pretty painless.
  10. Same boat - I’m looking at the 7 series vs the SE. looks like $400 vs $280. Probably wishful thinking to hope for an SE price drop this month.
  11. Glad you found it. Should work for mutual funds, not the ETFs.
  12. If your entire news feed was radical, how would you know? How would a 12 year old know? Do you think we should reward social media for continuing an addiction model?
  13. I was going to post about this podcast as well. I’ve really enjoyed the conversations with Daniel Schmachtenberger. They posted a new episode tonight based on the Facebook debacle this week, but I didn’t catch it before my walk. Will try to get caught up on Friday.
  14. Never heard of him. I googled him an hour ago. His quote from Fox News that popped up first was “The left thinks they are morally superior to us”.
  15. Liberal? He is a Fox News contributor and he claims to be banned by MSNBC. If he hadn’t framed his argument around attacking a whistleblower, I may be interested. There are much more interesting, less polarizing political conversations happening around social media and exponential tech.
  16. It's like $1000 to fly round trip to DC for 2 people. Any number of media groups/political groups would pay that in a heartbeat. Who makes money for these types of incidents?
  17. I'd imagine she flies the same airlines every week. I'm a Southwest/Hilton guy.
  18. It is like a reverse Laffler curve. Say the 2T increase in cost will grow the economy to the point where we will generate 2T more in taxes with the existing rates. Most likely BS, but nothing new. Latest report looked like 70% of the cost would be offset, not 100%.
  19. I need my employees producing. I don’t want them sick and I don’t want them using that week job hunting.
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