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  1. I've still been struggling with my diet - work craziness is just starting to wind down and I have a sweet tooth and there's so much temptation around the house right now. Still consistent with my 10K steps and pushups though. Down another 0.5 lbs... don't think I'm going to hit my goal, but considering I usually gain a good 5 pounds or more this time of year, I'm feeling pretty good about where I'm at. Definitely going to amp it up after Christmas. Would like to start running and lifting again. Have some adjustable dumbbells in my garage that I've ignored for too long.
  2. @Angry Beavers - this is the one I've been doing: https://hundredpushups.com/ I used it once several years ago and made some really good progress. And then life and laziness happened and now I'm starting all over, haha.
  3. Been a busy couple of weeks at work and Christmas baking has begun at my house. Not a great excuse, but my weight loss isn’t going down like I’d planned. Haven’t had a chance to check in this week on here yet - still down 4.2 overall, no change. Figure between some work stress and some bad eating though, that’s a win. 10K steps per day and push-ups program still going strong.
  4. 11/30 - 230.0 12/07 - 225.8 Down 4.2 lbs total. Was down more like 5 lbs total, but indulged a little too much in some barbeque yesterday. Still doing my 10K steps and pushups program as well.
  5. Down a pound, for a total of 1.6 so far. Got my 10K steps in this morning. Brought some dumbbells that were collecting dust into my home office and using them a bit when there's some lulls in my day. Still have room for improvement in my diet, but baby steps. For now just focusing on portion control.
  6. Lost 0.6 lbs from yesterday. Was able to finish off any leftovers so hoping to start eating better from here on out. Also went for a long walk this morning, already have my 10K steps for the day. Going to try and hit that number every day, my step-count has been embarrassingly low lately (between 3-4K on average). Also was lurking around Otis' thread and the 100 Pushups plan seems to be pretty popular so started on Week 1, Day 1 of that today. So far, so good!
  7. Weighed in, I'm now at 14 pounds to lose by Christmas. Feel awful today but had a great time yesterday so not upset about it. Starting weight is 230. Goal is 216.
  8. I'm in. Working at home with such close proximity to my fridge has been trouble for me and would love to feel less gross.
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