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  1. 10. Gave myself a point for Impossible Burger as I've had a few Beyond Burgers and I figure in the spirit of things they're pretty much the same
  2. Man, $10k seems like an awfully small bankroll to be flipping houses with. You must have access to some pretty crazy financing options.
  3. They're great for travel too as they are super comfortable for long periods on your feet and slip off and on with ease. No shoe I wear gets noticed more than my Cole Haans.
  4. I tried an Ove Glove once but even the XL seems like it's made for little old ladies. Takes me 5 minutes to put on and take off. Much easier just to use a kitchen towel.
  5. Just use a kitchen towel, Nancy.
  6. I broke my pointer toe a few years ago when I fell down the stairs when I missed a step carrying a ladder, a drill, a beer, and a few other things. (Did not spill a drop of beer, BTW.) Hurt for a few days but nothing some Advil couldn't fix. When my kid yanks on it, that one is a bit more sensitive but that's about it.
  7. "Patient dead after poop transplant goes wrong" Can we get some examples of when poop transplants have gone right?
  8. Just buy one of those reconditioning kits from the auto parts store. It takes about an hour but makes your vehicle look easily three years newer.
  9. #### dude. Glad it's not the heart. Did they figure it out though?
  10. I would bet any amount of money that you've met more than two people with your same birthday.
  11. The only way you're getting fresh water is via rain or capturing condensation.
  12. Those two gadgets cook one thing each. Sous vide is much more versatile.
  13. Obviously I can escape by dawn. I mean, I'm super rich so I also have to be really smart. So yeah, I'd easily escape.
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