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  1. Look, if I give you a list of the margin of victory of the 53 Super Bowls, the 47th largest one is still not a blowout.
  2. Also ironic, enforcing a requirement for employers to use E-Verify would reduce the incentive for people coming here illegally. But it would burden the employers who have the money to buy laws so we get scapegoats in the form of poor, brown people instead.
  3. Which of these statements is not true? 1. Just a week ago Trump had a Republican Senate and a Republican House. 2. Trump told us he would be happy to own the shutdown. 3. Trump shut down the government while he had a Republican Senate and a Republican house. 4. This is all the Democrats' fault.
  4. I'm pretty sure he got told pretty early on that Mexico "will not be paying for that ####### wall."
  5. Are those the ones that Trump called Sharpie about with the groundbreaking idea of making them in black?
  6. Yes, these are the people I'd listen to about changing views on the president. Clearly they're going in with an open mind, willing to weigh out the pros and cons in a fair and measured manner.
  7. My mistake. Must have missed the real big announcement then.
  8. I saw where they announced an address where people could mail him checks.
  9. I'm sure there's some way to find out, but when you set up a GFM campaign, you assign bank account info to it. You can withdraw at any time and it's not like the balance shown decreases as you withdraw. I have not seen any transparency provided by the initiator of this campaign aside from "Trust me, I'm a veteran."
  10. What makes you think he hasn't already started?
  11. "But honey, Comcast is paying for this purse!"
  12. It's obviously made by the same company that makes these meat tenderizers.
  13. I heard they were halfway there a couple of weeks ago. What happened?
  14. Spotify free is better than Pandora free. One specific area is if there's an album you'd like to hear, Spotify allows you to play that specific album, albeit "shuffled" and with ads.
  15. I liked Pandora free a lot before I tried Spotify premium, but now that I've used both, one is head and shoulders above the o.
  16. Get yourselves some Boars Head refrigerated pickles and thank me later.
  17. Sirius is radio but with a much wider spectrum of choices and fewer commercials. They advertise no commercials, but advertising for yourself all the time still counts as running commercials. You listen to what they want to play. Plus a bunch of stations have DJs that like to pontificate on how cool they are. Maybe that's your thing. I have not used Amazon Unlimited. Spotify Premium is fantastic. I've yet to not find a song I'm looking for. No ads. Listen to what you want whenever, including offline (airplanes, etc.) I am late to the party as I used Pandora free forever and had some good stations but would never consider going back.
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