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  1. @#1 Fan of Ghana Soccer @poo flingin monkey @Sukkdogg @Corn Man's Lunch Partner @GLOBAL WARMING @Hardhitta0321 @EverybodyLovesJello @Crapella @AcesOverEights
  2. And Christoph Waltz is their Financial Investigator.
  3. Amen. We need to respect the sacred oath of marriage again and appropriately socially ostracise those that don't adhere to that sacred bond.
  4. It's the same amount of scrolling to peruse 50 topic titles whether they're on one page of 50 or two pages of 25.
  5. If you're looking for reclining, La-Z-Boy has fantastic, long-lasting mechanisms. We've had our for over 10 years and they work flawlessly.
  6. Nice. I bought tix for home game 4 which only would have happened had we played the Yankees and it went 7 so I got nothing. Stupid work trip. My only possible game is Thursday if our return flight lands on time.
  7. I built 2' deep X 6' high X 12' long shelves and material cost was about $200 and the jig added another $100. Totally worth it even if I never use it again.
  8. I got the Kreg K4 Jig and used it for all of the cross supports and ends for the 2" X 4" frame. Super easy to use and makes work quick and accurate.
  9. Like, both at the same time? Or Bo Duke once and then Luke Duke later?
  10. Recently built some shelves in my garage and the Kreg jig (and screws) was worth every freaking cent. I can't imagine how much more difficult the job would have been without it and there's no way it would have come together nice and square.
  11. "If I weren't happily married and, ya know, her father..."
  12. Yeah, all those seventy-year-old white dudes that spent the last five decades in banking are probably spending their evenings in Portland protesting alongside Antifa.
  13. All those crimes were committed before he took office so it's really nothing to be concerned about now. We need to focus on brown people who smoke marijuana cigarettes.
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