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  1. If I had a nickel for every time it was announced in here that "we got Trump this time" I'd still be $19.95 away from being able to buy a MAGA hat.
  2. I could see how that would affect your perspective. I've never been sexually assaulted but have had physical stuff at the hands of my mother. I remember parts of it vividly but couldn't tell you years or days of the weeks or anything like that. I probably wouldn't be a good witness but I do know what happened.
  3. Did you watch any of her testimony before the Judiciary Committee or is this just coming from the latest rally?
  4. "Nobody is supposed to be guilty until proven innocent in this country!" (Twice)
  5. I am not sure where anyone said you were too angry or not angry enough. Point me to the post, please. You have repeatedly stated that you're not as shocked or surprised as everyone else is. I don't think everyone is as shocked or surprised as you are suggesting.
  6. The subject being discussed -- alleged $500MM tax fraud by our president.
  7. I think maybe you're overestimating the level of shock and surprise here.
  9. Don't all these pesky problems go away if we eliminate the Estate Tax? Look for that to happen soon, IMO. Oh wait...
  10. Both. Should be law that all candidates for president release their taxes. Oddly, the only ones opposed to that seem to be blue-collar "Gary Johnson" voters.
  11. No, because he lies habitually about easily-disproven things, has proven to be a fraud in just about every other aspect of his life and, when other candidates released their taxes for the world to see, he hid behind the shroud of "audit." Thats all because of him though, not because of wealthy people.
  12. The Democrats obviously leaked her name so whatever the Republicans do to her is fair game. Duh.
  13. And your statement had nothing to do with my statement about him being a drunken liar.
  14. If she lies about that during her confirmation hearings I will oppose her for SCOTUS as well.
  15. You yourself have accepted it. I don't.
  16. I expect integrity and honesty from my Supreme Court Justices. Silly me.
  17. Is Bill Clinton or Donald Trump a nominee for Supreme Court Justice?
  18. Kids do dumb stuff. For me, this isn't really about the dumb stuff anyone did when they were kids. It's about trusting an applicant that will adjudicate over THE most important issues that our nation faces. It's not about appointing a perfect person. Every one of us has committed crimes and done things we shouldn't have. For me, this is about integrity and honesty. And this grown man -- not a 17-year-old drunk, horny virgin -- a grown man with years on the bench sat in front of us and lied to us. He lied. Undeniably. And we are going to trust him to be honest and fair with the very course of our nation.
  19. I don't disagree with this, but publishing the words that they wrote is not "slander."
  20. I feel badly for her, too, but who originally wrote the stuff? Or do you just think they wrote it because she was such a good friend?
  21. Same here. My last ballot was all over the map. I vote for people, not parties.
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