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  1. :rocketship: (One of those ####ty Uzbekistan rocketships though, not a brand-name SpaceX rocketship, sadly.)
  2. I use the app J23 that alerts to restocks. There's also a few twitter accounts that you can follow for alerts.
  3. He ordered the yacht prior to starting the GFM campaign so no way the two are connected.
  4. J Crew released a green colorway of the Killshots if anyone's looking for a casual summer shoe.
  5. Some people I know got in like 20 minutes after the drop and managed to hit via SNKRS app. Had the same errors as I was getting and then *BAM*, GOT EM. It was frustrating to say the least.
  6. The Travis Scott AJ1 release was a doo doo show. 30 minutes of errors, mobile verifications, invalid passwords, and more errors.
  7. Gas station around the corner posts one price that's about $0.10 lower than across the street. Once you pump you notice that price is only good if you use their gift card that's purchasable only with cash on the night of a full moon and your actual price is $0.25 higher. I bought gas there once.
  8. My kid made me watch Bolt for the 50,000th time rather than watch the second half of the Spurs match today. So I've got that going for me.
  9. Do you watch a lot of series that entirely have subtitles? Not sure the audience would lap that up.
  10. It's dope. Not the full range of Amazon products but I can order stuff today and have it at my doorstep in a couple of hours. Food, beer, electronics, clothing, household stuff, etc. Obviously limited service areas, too. If it's over a certain amount, delivery is free but you can also tip the delivery driver as it's not a USPS/UPS/FedEx guy.
  11. Nice try, pal. No way I'm clicking that link just so you can punch me.
  12. Sorry, I'm talking Prime Now, not the normal Amazon deliveries. My bad.
  13. Always tip delivery drivers 20% (or more), you bums. Pizza, Chinese, Amazon, whatever. Those people are working hard while you're at home, sitting on your biscuit.
  14. Mine are too, but sometimes it's a PITA to find a specific shoe unless the box is unique, plus I'm not always good about putting them back in the box after wearing so my closet's a disaster.
  15. About to drop a couple bills on some Container Store drop front boxes. My closet is out of control. I like the variety of colorways. I obviously have some pairs that get worn more than others but enjoy the collecting and wearing different ones.
  16. The 4s should be an easy cop. I already got my Footaction reservation notification. Will probably go ahead and try to double up on SNKRS.
  17. You can spray canvas or fabric sneakers with several coats of Camp Dry to help keep them cleaner longer. Leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth or even some soap and a brush. Suede gets cleaned with a $6 kit from Amazon that has a stiff or brass brush and some erasers for scuffs. But really, most sneakers look better with some light wear. Don't walk through mud puddles and you shouldn't need to clean them all that frequently.
  18. And the clapping horribly out of rhythm. So embarrassing for us.
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