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  1. Pleasure. One day we'll make another one of your events and catch up. Love seeing the updates on the good work your wife and you (and everyone else involved) are doing.
  2. Are we not allowed to recognize that MJ was a horrible person that made fantastic music?
  3. Didn't you read all the articles about babies getting mauled to death by dachshunds? Oh wait, the lame stream media doesn't cover those.
  4. Agreed. I like my trash to be impeccably clean.
  5. Are you asking if I throw it in the trash?
  6. They have a really moose-lamb-sounding name though, so obviously cannot be trusted.
  7. We may never know what happened at Benghazi because no chance congress ever investigates what happened and exactly what Killary did. Sad!
  8. "First off, why do you think Hillary Clinton isn't in jail over her role in Benghazi?"
  9. Thanks. I really didn't sleep much at all last night. Not because of message board stuff, but because I'm a lousy sleeper anyway and especially so when I'm on the road. I only mentioned you looking for substantiation to your claims because you had subsequent posts in here since then. As to judging breeds of dogs and comparing them to people, that's just silly. Different breeds of dogs exist solely because we selected specific traits we wanted in those specific breeds. You absolutely can judge them by their appearance because we made them that way. From appearance to size to temperame
  10. I love all the barons of finance touting the interest they're earning on that extra $85 per month that's not going to the government until tax time. You guys are buying boats every year with all that extra interest you're earning, right?
  11. Yes, I am angry. And totally triggered, too. You can tell how upset I am by the number of consecutive times I have posted and personally insulted someone.
  12. I don't even know what the implication here is.
  13. Show me a couple of instances of kids being mauled to death by dachshunds.
  14. Yep. Those kids that were mauled to death just weren't mentally tough. #######.
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