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  1. Hi Chad. Great advice throughout the thread over the years. Sending you a PM. Thanks!
  2. I've been eyeing a cross-over truck for my work and commute. I've had my eye on that Santa Cruz and it looks awesome. There also seems to be some new cross-over trucks coming from different brands in late '21 and '22.
  3. Let's get it correct and call him the... Say Hey KID!!! Happy 90th Willie.
  4. Me as well. Going to start looking at other options, including possibly going back to some type of Crapcast Internet/TV bundle. So annoying that DirectTVNow started at $35/mo all in and it is now double.
  5. I love it. It's called Bokeh in photography. Focus while blurring out the background. I first noticed it during the NFL broadcasts on Fox when the cameraman jogged onto the field and followed a player, and have seen it during the UFC walkouts and at the Aussie Open as well.
  6. Anyone else always have this song pop in their head when they see Psaki Psaki?
  7. Jen Psaki brings back normalness. It is a much needed breath of fresh air.
  8. Can anyone kindly share a stream via PM? My AtT TV Now is not working out here. ARGH. Thanks!
  9. I'd say what unknown behind the scenes details for the entire 50+ months between election night 2016 though January 20th, 2021 is going to be shocking.
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