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  1. Diablo III Skyrim Halo MCC - lots of single player campaign to train your shooter skills
  2. just a little follow up all games run off the hard drive so you get the same install space and the same performance if you pick digital or physical. physical tend to drop price a little quicker from what i've seen. digital you also get the advantage of being able to family share if you happen to have 2 consoles. xbox does a bigger digital sale about once a quarter along with the weekly gold sales.
  3. i struggle with my timing, i tend to fly into the goal right before the ball lands harmlessly right behind me
  4. Von Miller's thoughts "I think he’s still going to be here next season. He’s still shooting commercials. He just shot a Life Alert commercial" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETFuPSanNG4
  5. i don't think there is any chance of him coming back on his current $19 million contract
  6. my understanding is 1 TB is just more memory, Elite is rumored to run faster but i just have the 500 GB so i don't really know. All games full install on the hard drive now so digital vs disk doesn't really matter for hard drive space. Also if you have the live subscription your son may be also downloading another game or two a month. I was able to get by with the 500 GB for two years by deleting games from the hard drive that i wasn't playing anymore, I finally broke down and bought a 3TB external. My general thought is 500 GB doesn't go very far and eventually you will need or at least want
  7. Love Stick of Truth. The turn based combat is a little stale but I just don't care because they pack so much darn funny into the whole thing. I played through once then almost immediately started another go and I never do that. I am mostly bummed out that, from what I read, it took so much time from Matt & Trey that they are very unlikely to do another one. they are making a sequel "The Fractured But Whole" http://kotaku.com/south-park-the-stick-of-truth-gets-a-sequel-1711511872
  8. How long will all that take?i don't have a solid answer, i leave my system on standby so i get updates overnight. internet says the latest xbox update is just over 1 GB http://www.gamespot.com/articles/new-xbox-one-experience-update-install-size-reveal/1100-6432216/ games vary, some can be large, Halo MCC was 20 GB or something but most aren't that big
  9. Rick, or anyone else with a new console for xmas, might want to get that plugged in and connected to the internet before christmas morning so can get the updates done ahead of time. most games also require install time and need their own updates so may also be worth getting those going as well
  10. So help me out here guys, I have boys 15 and 12, been bugging for an xbox one for a while. I loved gaming back in the day,but the consoles I still have are SNES, N64 etc, never had an xbox or playstaion, last console I bought for the kids was the Wii. Is this as good as it gets for them to jump on this deal for Christmas? From the sound of Loan who is a die hard PS guy, jump on it OK, So I'm wrapping up this stuff last night (Finally opened the box and glad I received everything) and I'm looking at the games. Gears of War, Black Ops, Assassins Creed Unity and Final Fantasy are all rated M for
  11. microsoft is running sales on digital games over the next couple weeks, sales vary by day/week http://www.xbox.com/en-us/countdown/xbox-one-games
  12. yes, you each get your own account w/ your own saves
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