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  1. It might help during this bye week apocalypse that this team does not have a RB 2 at all with CEH and CMC out and Pollard on a bye as well. He gains a solid RB start with Darrel Williams in order to be competitive. I just want to make sure A Cooper is good to go if this manager bites.
  2. Well, well, well there are more of us out there, except I am also in the hunt and playing to win this week. My dilemma is I don't want to drop DAL D. I picked up CAR D and dropped McManus. The rest of my bench is too good to drop anyone. Either wait and see or I am looking at a 3 for 2 or 2 for 1 trade so I can pick up a kicker.
  3. Looking to possible trade for A Cooper. I haven't followed his injuries, but he seems to be playing through it and now with a bye week will he be good to go in week 8? Like a WR #2 for ROS if all goes well and health, etc. The trade would be I offer C Claypool and Darrel Williams, KC for Cooper. This team also has CEH in the IR spot. I would plug in D Harris, NE so no harm here. I need the 2 for 1 so I can hold DAL D. Crazy, I don't think so.
  4. Chubb upgraded to Questionable and FBG's have him high in the ranks for week 7 as of now. Is this true? Trending to play hmm.
  5. Interesting strategy for sure. As a commissioner in one league we simply allow whatever the hosting site allows us to do. In this case it's Yahoo. So, yes, it certainly is a possibility to take a 0 and just leave DAL D right where it is. But, I will first drop the kicker for a second D and have an open kicker spot that could also end up being a 0. Or the 2 for 1 trade that most likely won't work in week 7 with all these byes and injuries. That's what I'm doing now lol. Edit: Yes Javonte Williams and if J Jeudy were to play I would plug him into the other WR slot and drop M Callaway allowing a DAL D hold, but Jeudy looks like week 8.
  6. I gotta figure a way to hold DAL D while they are on a bye. I think they're too good to just let go. Team is beginning to gel and you can see confidence building. This team has no apparent weaknesses. The Defense is opportunistic and yes, Diggs is such a beast. That enthusiasm carries over. Definitely a hold, but not a pleasant drop in order to roster 2 defenses for week 7. I have 3 Williams on this team and it might have to be Darrel Williams who just put up 20.90 yikes. Appears D Williams has two more weeks left with the CEH injury. Gonna have to think about carrying two D's. Not gonna drop J Williams or M Williams.
  7. If he starts tonight and is active he starts on one of my teams, otherwise a pivot to Rodgers unless my opponent tries to block me and play defensive. The bummer is having to drop someone.
  8. A little concerning if one has to make a move before the start of the later games today.
  9. I did the same in two leagues with Josh Allen putting Tua on IR to save space. Well, since then I have 3 IR players now and wondering if Winston isn't the better play in week 7 over Tua. I think I know my answer, but was hoping to watch the game first then either keep him or toss for Winston. The key is will Winston be there? Only two other teams in need next week, and one has Stafford.
  10. Anyone thinking of Tua Time in week 7 with Allen on a bye? For me I see Winston available but could wait to see how Tua plays whether to stay with him or go Winston for one week. ATL @ MIA Tua NO @ SEA Jameis
  11. First thought is the last guy listed - Bateman then would have to know more about A Collins. Carson neck situation not resolved plus RB's more valuable and I don't know too many wanting to rush out and grab Bateman. He's a speculative add. It's Bateman most likely. Nice job on picking up Khali upon news of Williams.
  12. This may very well benefit the entire community to check in and communicate on the latest market. Here's my last trade that just went through. I get Mike Williams / Chase Claypool and I give up McLaurin / Lockett.
  13. Following along prepping for week 7 without Allen at QB. It's either Winston @ SEA which looks good on paper, but would get even more juicy if Thomas was healthy, or go Tua Time ATL @ MIA. Looks like Callaway is finally doing something. Adding Thomas would help NO on all fronts, including Kamara. Seems too quiet and hardly any enthusiasm around Michael Thomas, who not too long ago was WR #1 overall in some ranks. Definitely at top 3. I also hear that the Thomas injury could take longer before he's back, even into week 10. Anyone have any idea on Thomas? Yes, Winston can turn it over, but he can also break out and have a 25-30 point game. Winston a tad more upside than Tua perhaps.
  14. I'm looking at trading AJ Brown for C Patterson straight up. Might not be enough. Hard to imagine AJ falling to like WR #30 overall going forward. That's a middling WR 3. He started out a WR 1. What gives? A little injury, making his way back, a snap count, didn't need him... so now what going forward? Gotta be trending back up again... MNF perhaps more healthy to shine?
  15. Remember when the Carolina Panthers were dominant, then once CMC went down the team changed. I still see CAR D/ST ranked pretty high for the R O S. That tells me FBG's are high on them at around the #3 D going forward. The DAL Cowboys are ranked fairly high this week and like #5 going forward. DAL has a bye in week 7. Would you sacrifice the upside for week 6 picking up CAR or just roll with DAL and hope for the next best in week 7? These are moves that sometimes help, sometimes not so much. MIN @ CAR (6.33) 1:00 Cousins pretty accurate and in control DAL (7.52) @ NE 4:25 On the road CAR will get scooped soon enough... Is DAL a hold?
  16. Coming down to the wire as I was fortunate to have taken D Knox before he became a star to temporarily try and replace GRONK production. Knox has come through admirable to say the least. Well, BUF is on bye week 7 and here's to having GRONK back in the lineup... I hope.
  17. I wonder where else Mack could play a prominent role? Baltimore, whom they played last night and Mack showed off a few nice runs and burst. Murray is an old war horse and Ty'Son not ready for the big stage, Bell not offering much.
  18. I still think this IND can bring the wood. After that bitter defeat they will take it out on HOU. Definitely will be among the highest rated D/ST of the week. But as we know what looks great on paper can fizzle quickly.
  19. Added IND in one league for a potential one week play against HOU.
  20. If you stream defenses and have room IND D/ST next week against HOU. I just snagged them in one league as NE gets DAL, then the JETS. Otherwise, D Williams will have value without CEH, Booker short term with Barkley out, and gotta look at Gaskin again since he was dropped. RB's always seem to get a tad more scarce as the season progresses. And yes TE's in demand too. Seems like a lot of same middle of the road / any week WR's 3/4 are always available.
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