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  1. That's how the experts are starting to see this play out. I had thought playing for the #2 seed was something to play for. Perhaps this year it's not necessarily that high of a priority. Therefore, Allen plays half the game or so, then sits. Not good for my team as I may have to play a Dalton or a Brees now. We still have side bets to play for and still playing for total points over 17 weeks.
  2. Tremblay and Dodds have Allen ranked high again for week 17, and Bloom has him ranked QB #34 so what gives here? 34Josh AllenBUFvs MIA710950.60.20006.0
  3. Himming and hawing at the Flex. I just put him in that spot for the time being with more optimistic news recently. Gotta still be concerned. Gibson in other Hollywood, Claypool, and Connor at the moment. Gibson or Hollywood in the Flex it seems for me.
  4. I am starting both of these guys as RB #1 and RB #2. It's all I got. In the other league I started Kamara paired with Montgomery.
  5. Tough call between Swift and Fournette. Prolly give the nod to Fournette for TD's and control the clock in the 4th quarter. I'm a Lions homer and starting Swift as my RB #1 this week along with J Wilson - other RB's have all gone South - CMC, Connor, Gibson.
  6. Meaning temper expectations, but one never knows how it will actually go. Depends upon choices... tough call with Gaskin. For our team it's Wilson, L Bell, then Gaskin for that last Flex spot. All three has similar chances to outscore any of them. At least Gaskin is in the mix if one must. I'd rather play Gaskin over Ahmed, right?
  7. Potential "ceiling" play, but also likely 65 total yards. He was good before, and I expect him to be good / solid this week. Close to 100 yards and a score with that slim chance he goes higher. Obviously choices, choices, choices. I'm in the same boat, but Gaskin sits for now. I need only 1 from these choices; Bell, Wilson, Pollard, Hilton or Gaskin in the Flex. I'm still open... Edit: Kamara is also on the team along with Montgomery. I like our chances to win a championship.
  8. I'm playing against Rodgers and Tonyan this week. I'm just hoping that Tonyan stays out of the end zone, because he is TD dependent and has been scoring them too. Kittle or Goedert and I just gotta go Kittle. Yep, hope he smashes it.
  9. I'm playing Kittle for the Halibut and because he's a stud, and I enjoy watching him play balls to the wall. Kittle > Goedert for me. He's my #2 overall pick after taking CMC #1. Still alive even without these first two picks not panning out.
  10. Is it worth a shot Buckeye? I guess unless you already have a top 3-5 TE he fits into the mix. My other guy is Goedert. That's the line I believe. Goedert is the over / under for a TE start mix.
  11. And you can't count on Tremblay updating for a couple days or more. They really can use timely updates in our current finger tip info age. I learn more right here on this forum. Just a friendly suggestion. Gotta be up to date as quickly as possible. Hard to trust Connor unless I hear any positive signs. Edit: Connor is healthy and Dodds still Connor at 0.00. Bloom put him on the board but lower ranked. I can't start him unless I took another hit somewhere.
  12. There's a reason this #2 ranked D sits out there in both of my leagues. Nobody wants to jump and they haven't done anything ...yet. I can't do it. Hope it works out for those with the stones to start them.
  13. Yep, just keeping up to speed with it. I probably would not play either Connor nor Snell, but someone else could score if Snell was their guy, and Connor was somehow not playing, which could be the case. It's all about maximizing that RB 2 / Flex spot with players trending up with decent matchups, etc. Snell back in FA this week. If he is so high I might see if I could get him dropping Agholor who won't crack my lineup.
  14. Seeing a lot of love for Snell over Connor in week 16 so far. Dodds and Bloom have Connor down for 0.00 and Snell down for RB #2 type numbers. Just wondering what gives here? Edit: Connor is also listed as healthy...
  15. Josh Allen also starts for two teams along with Beasley as of late and Bass. Shifting from PIT D and its players to BUF.
  16. I too had Lutz for 14 weeks and got off him last week for Blankenship. I had the chance to get Lutz back as I see he is rated high again this week. Instead I bid $1 on Succup and got em. Lutz was eventually picked up and I am fine with letting him go. He could bounce completely back or he could have his demons. I figure TB at DET (dome) has got to produce 30 points or so for TB. Only problem is perhaps too many TD's and not enough FG's. Happy to cut bait and go Succup.
  17. BUF on the rise, NE on the decline. It's a statement game on MNF in NE. The changing of the guard means, I believe both the BUF offense and defense will be inspired. I'm looking at dropping PIT D in two leagues (can't believe it, but it's true). First league HOU, CHI or BUF and going BUF. Second league stick with PIT or go HOU. I can't stand HOU D. I'm not liking PIT D right now either, but may stick with them in the championship game. PIT falling apart and Big Ben is looking Wentz-like.
  18. Well, today is Wednesday and no one knows how Covid affected Gaskin or not, or was it just protocol. Has he been staying in shape? Practice reports for Th and F may tell a more positive story on Gaskin. He could be primed for 100+ and a TD easily. I'd say 60 / 40 Gaskin / Ahmed or even lean 65 / 35.
  19. Here's to Marvey, here's to Markey, here's to Marvey he's a horses ###.
  20. Certainly looked like Golladay would be shut down, but still seems like a crack opening he suits up again. Is it even worth it to potentially play him in weeks 16 or 17. I have one league that goes 17 weeks. He was dropped and he sits on the FA wire. So, I'm watching and listening. A healthy Golladay is a stud WR. Does he, would he deserve WR #3 / Flex status over the likes of Claypool, Beasley, M Brown, Hilton, Agholor, and E Sanders of fantasy football.
  21. At #1 draft pick I went CMC. At #2 draft pick I went George Kittle. Be nice to play them both this week. Kittle sits on IR at the moment. I managed to work my way to Goedert. I did have Hockenson but traded him to upgrade elsewhere. Now here we are week 16 and still alive. I admit I am giddy over Kittle and most likely will drop an Agholor or Connor to make room to play him. Gotta hang onto Goedert as our league goes the full 17 weeks. My prediction is Kittle suits up and plays. He'll be on a pitch count and used at appropriate times. He'll be monitored as to his effectiveness.
  22. Alright, is Golladay a potential play this week? From most certainly to IR to questionable right now. I dropped him for E Sanders last week in one league. In another league he was also dropped. Looking to see if there is any potential that Golladay could be a WR 3 upgrade over M Brown, Beasley, Agholor, or Claypool.
  23. Knock it off, Zamboni lol, us Kittle owners want to have a lil hope and eager anticipation of a potential play. I'd love to see my first two picks crack my lineup this week: CMC and George Kittle.
  24. Steelers acting like Austin Power, they lost their Mojo. Gotta roll with PIT D/ST even though the whisper of doubt in this team is exposed. Not liking the trend and not getting right against the Bungles. Seems like enough defensive playmakers keep them legit.
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