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  1. Not after leaving that big turd in the middle of the court already
  2. I think one thing this thread hasn't discussed is the availability of legitimately skilled workers. There is going to be incredible demand and short supply. Businesses are going to have to offer incentive to attract, hire, and retain talent. WFH is going to be a bigger incentive than benefits, retirement/401k, and likely even pay (when it's close) for a very high number of people coming into the workforce.
  3. Holy mother of God. I made the mistake of reading the last four pages. This is DJax level of annoying, but at least he has a good reason. Please just take it to private message and save us the agony. Thankfully we have the ignore feature.
  4. Hate seeing this for Embiid..... But this is why you cannot discount availability when discussing MVP or a players value to the franchise. The ability to on the court as many games as possible matters.
  5. Dame would be incredible playing with Jokic. I'd imagine Murray + Porter would get it done (plus whatever filler is needed).
  6. I'm still really surprised none of the true contenders made a play for Derrick Rose this year. Sure seems like he could have helped a bunch of the contenders with depth issue at guard.
  7. There is no way a significant percentage of American adults who will want to get the vaccine but will be unable by this time next year short of pure apathy on their part in doing so. If they make any effort at all they will be able to get the vaccine. I can't imagine even 1% who want it and actively pursue it will be unable to get it in a year. I actually think by end of summer there is going to be hundreds of thousands of unused doses that go to waste. All that being said, I really appreciate your posts and have since this thing started way back when.
  8. 🤣 I'm trying to predict the airline that will market to anti vax crowds with maskless flights. Based on experience I'd guess Spirit Airlines.
  9. Received shot as scheduled 3/24. Left upper arm slightly sore, as one might expect with any type of shot for approximate 36 hours. Took a nap in the afternoon, but I'm a napper and wouldn't tie it directly to the vax. Otherwise zero complications. A little surprised second dosage is 30 days out on 4/23
  10. Central Florida area. 50 yr old male. No complications and not an essential worker. Signed up on county website ~Jan 15. Received offer to get vax last week via email, had to accept within 24 hours or lose time slot, accepted for 3/24 as offered. Moderna will be the dosage. Will report back with results after both doses.
  11. It will only get easier for the players to go the Harden route, not harder. Once their pockets are already overflowing with cash, there is almost no real risk to the strategy.
  12. Scene: Puppy alone in a room staring at the wall Song: LL Cool J - I Need Love
  13. Thinking about this.....is there any logical reason why the NBA allows the number "00"? I mean I guess I get "0", but who the #### needs two zeros? Curious if they would allow "000"?
  14. Water is always left in the P trap by design unless manually forced out. It's what keeps odors from coming back up through the sink drains.
  15. 🤣 Jesus Christ, now the rolling emoji can't be used. This board used to be required reading for me, I have been moving more and more to reddit and realGM. It's a damn wokeathon in here. Joe you have ruined what was one of the most enjoyable reads on the internet for me. FYI.......that is me stating why I disagree
  16. Rockets didn't get Cleveland's 2022 #1. They got Bucks 2022 #1. Cleveland owned it due to a prior trade where Cavs traded George Hill for Bucks 2022 #1.
  17. Cleveland pick is by way of Bucks, probably better off with early 2nd than a very late first due to guaranteed contracts
  18. I can't imagine Nets targeting Harden for World B. Flat, but it sure would make for some great drama if they did.
  19. I think this has more to do with players recognizing father and mothers last names in unwed mother situations
  20. Orlando Magic overwhelming win the title of "Least Intriguing Player Identified as Most Intriguing": https://www.yardbarker.com/nba/articles/the_most_intriguing_player_on_every_nba_team/s1__33585803#slide_22
  21. It's circa 2017-18 Kawhi season all over again, bet he ends up with mysterious soft tissue injuries off and on. I guarantee you he will do at least the minimum to keep getting that check.
  22. Beginning to feel like the most untradeable contract in the sport each year is destined to get traded LOL at this article posted today
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