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  1. Yeah I think we were looking at places about the same time.
  2. 👍 Not super familiar with Palm Beach, hope you enjoy.
  3. I was there in April, but won't be back till September at earliest. Our place is in N Topsail.
  4. Gotta reply with some dirty talk. "Did you like what you saw baby? Do you want more? I can position myself how you'd like...I'm really flexible."
  5. Let me know what you find. You can get something like what Drunken Cowboy posted, but I don't think you're getting to the beach. My take is the season will be a little worse than normal but not significantly so. People are still going to vacation and they're more likely to go to a relatively uncrowded beach than NYC, Vegas, overseas, or Orlando. Prices for most of the summer are already locked with the bookings that happened pre-Corona. For the cancellations, sure folks will give you a deal for a week here and there but they're not going to kick renters out to book you at a huge discount.
  6. They're already booked, they started booking up before the Corona Virus happened. Sure there will be cancellations but it'll be a week here and there, not a three month period height of season. If you're wanting to do this you're looking at 2021 not this summer.
  7. My place is open in August if you want to rent it then I'll give it to you for the month for $15k. Tipsy Turtle
  8. You don't understand the basic economics of these places, there is a 12-16 week rental period and they're literally vacant the remaining 8-9 months of the year. They have to make enough high season to get them through the whole year, paying the bills for 3 months isn't going to help them. If you want to rent September - May you can demand your rates, not June - August.
  9. The volume will be lower, but I don't think 50% lower. The issue is that these places generally rent by the week and they're booked months in advance. So even with a decline in rentals most places will have weeks rented here and there. You're not going to find many owners who will kick their weekly rentals out so you can rent for 3 months at a huge discount.
  10. I think it's pretty unlikely, but good luck and let me know what you find.
  11. You're not getting to the beach for 3 months at $15k unless it's a ####hole.
  12. So are you talking specifically North and South Carolina? In NC I've stayed all over the Outer Banks from Duck to Ocracoke, 12-15 times. Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Oak Island, Carolina and Kure beach, Oak Island. I have a house on Topsail Island that I'm at right now. In SC I've done Myrtle, Sullivan's Isle & Isle of Palms near Charleston (and visited most of the others around Charleston), Harbor Island, Hilton Head, and Daufuskie Island. Most are pretty uncrowded, exceptions being Myrtle, and to a lesser extent the Wilmington, Charleston, and Hilton Head beaches and maybe Nags Head in OBX. Problem is for the time-frame you're talking about you're going to have a tough time finding open rentals. Honestly you're going to have to go inland for a two month rental 6 weeks out.
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