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  1. I wish I knew how to quit you

  2. Bring brack BRONG! Bring brack BRONG! Bring brack BRONG!

  3. He died in a tragic ice skating accident. If you have to know a zamboni was involved.

  4. He's awesome, but a bit of a narcissist.

  5. Thinks Sawyer from Lost is sexy.

  6. Update your blog ####er.

  7. Thanks for always ####### up the quote function.

  8. Hulk = Smoke Monster

  9. Fear the faceless one!

  10. Bring brack brong!

  11. Elite member of the Official Committee for Moon Renaming (OCMR).

  12. Registered communist.

  13. Surprisingly, does not really know everything.

  14. Any friend of Amnesiback Leroy Shurbanbrong is a friend of mine.

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