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  1. They're going for the wild west or Kung Fu (TV) theme. I wouldn't expect there to be too many urban settings. Everyone's expectations might be a little high for this show. I think they're going for an entertaining serial, not something like GoT or Lost.
  2. I believe wtf used to be filtered and now is not. I thought that was interesting.
  3. It happened in the boys locker room during PE and there were a limited number of kids that had access. He didn't even bother talking to any of the boys. I get it, it doesn't seem like much but it's better than just shrugging your shoulders.
  4. My son's iPhone got stolen a month ago or so. The school resource officer (a licensed policeman) essentially told my son there wasn't much he could do. I'm like wtf man isn't' that your job???
  5. I agree D+ is a huge challenge for Netflix that they will have to accommodate. But one thing I can say about Netflix is that they have never sat back and watched. They ate Blockbuster's lunch even though BB was easily better positioned. They were the first out of the gate on providing digital movie content and then TV content. They were the first to actually set up a digital platform and interface. They were the first to jump on original content and were the ones yelling content will be king. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, because let's face it Amazon and now Dis
  6. Wow there is an incredible amount of content. My 9yo asked me this morning if Disney owned everything.
  7. For cheap polo shirts I like Haggar. They seem to hold up pretty well and don't shrink a ton.
  8. Are they shrinking or are you growing?
  9. I don't understand this. Just put in James and the Giant Peach and it should come up with options. What's the difficulty?
  10. I would have nailed it with a ritz cracker from 150 yards.
  11. I'm not aware of that ability, but it's pretty easy to auto change the height of a cell to fit. Just highlight the range and double click on one of the row lines in the axis.
  12. As far as I know it's not, it's just prohibitively expensive even for these relatively rich individuals. Think in terms of cost of a new building. That wasn't what was happening here. They were giving money to an individual associated with the institution (mainly coaches) and that individual would arrange scholarships and admission as an athlete. The school never actually got the money. Then they were claiming the money paid as a donation to a charitable organization for a tax write off.
  13. I'm a little worried the ending will be a let down....don't tell me if it is.
  14. About half-way through Carnival Row and it's fantastic. Incredible and deep world they've created.
  15. If you can I can't find it. I've just been voting over and over, not sure if they take it.
  16. I only saw something about your eternal soul in the fine print, nothing about your first born.
  17. Vote for David W Butler High School on the following link! https://www.panthers.com/fans/wearitlikeapro
  18. My top two are Lil Pump (rapper) and Cody Orlove (instagram star). I'll take Robert De Niro and Sean Penn instead.
  19. Clearly there is some kind of anti-Twix bias going on here. Get out you twix hater.
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