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  1. Wars are awful. But fighting for freedom from government oppression is something to be celebrated. It's American.
  2. Opinions like this is why their revolution is so hard.
  3. I can't even fathom the amount of denial necessary for one to believe it's untrue.
  4. While seeing the events unfold before our eyes is horrific and tragic, my hope is one day we celebrate these specific events, just like we already celebrate these events in our current past. Call these events what you will, but history will eventually chose a word for them. If these people finally win and defeat the systemic racist culture that they've suffered from all their lives, and there parent, grand parents, and great grand parents suffered from before them, then history will call these events a "revolution". Today, some people are outraged by the destruction they are causing, but
  5. We're on the same page. I'm just saying you'll be getting the same heat I've been getting here soon... if you haven't already. Some people are so desperate to a return to normal that they attack those posting reality.
  6. Careful. You'll be called a fatalist soon. You need to add some sunshine and puppies to your posts and post less about reality.
  7. But revolting is good. We celebrate it every July 4th.
  8. Not if kids are very likely to be an asymptomatic infection. An entire day care could be an outbreak, and we wouldn't know about it at all.
  9. Not sure why people are focusing on things being worse two to three months from now. We have a problem now. We have no more tools to fight this thing now, at the end of May, then we did in March. If anything, two to three months from now might look better than now because some advancement happens. Or it could get worse before schools reopen. People are cheering that the reopening of Georgia four weeks ago hasn't produced a spike in cases, but at the same time it hasn't produced a spike in their economy either. Seems to me as long as the economy stays low, cases stay low. If the economy rises,
  10. Andrew Clark: "If I lose my temper you're totaled, man." John Bender: "Totally?" Andrew Clark: "Totally."
  11. People in under developed countries are far less likely to go to a hospital than people in developed countries. But don't let me interrupt your fishing trip.
  12. I have to give you props on one hell of a fishing job here. You hooked more than a few. Well done.
  13. It's your right to not wear a mask. It's also your right to not stand for the National Anthem. Choosing to NOT exercise those rights is about showing respect to your fellow Americans. Stand for the National Anthem and wear a mask around others. It's the right thing to do, even though it's your right not to.
  14. I read so often on social media the mantra "it's my right to not wear a mask". Ironically, in the past I've read from the same people posting the above "It's un-American to not stand for the National Anthem". Choosing the not exercise your rights out of respect to others is about being humane, not American.
  15. It's insanity even if that's not true. We need caution. We need testing. We need contact tracing. We need masks to be worn. With them we can open up pretty much everything. Without them we can open up very little.
  16. I think it's okay as long as there is no group singing (let one person sing on behalf of everyone), everyone wears masks, 6 feet distance between families, and especially no hugging people because you haven't hugged them in so long. As an ex-christian I could easily say "ban it all", but they do have a right to do what other businesses and organizations are allowed to do.
  17. Everyone knows to avoid politics and religion in small talk.... well, at least most people do.
  18. I don't assume to speak for shader, but I recall people #####ing recently that posting how many new cases without the context of how many new tests it took to produce those new cases is disingenuous because cases might rise when more tests are being conducted. That's his only reason for including new tests.
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