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  1. Yea, tomorrow is the ball buster for me. Signed up for the 5am ride. I just rode the full Mega Pretzel a few weeks ago and it was killer. Hoping to finish tomorrows ride in 2 hours or so.
  2. From what I've seen on Reddit, it seems like there is more availability but it still spotty. I work with a guy that is a salesman at the local Trek store and he said he's still out 8 months for new orders.
  3. Any Zwifters riding Haute Road this year? Starts tomorrow, 3 days of up, back-to-back-to-back. Last year was in France and kicked my ###. I expect a similar result this year
  4. Every time you guys mention Liberia I think Africa. Have to do an internal reset.
  5. I've heard this a few times around here. The simple way around is say the kid has a fever and get the test. Is it right? No, you're lying about it but is it right that they are imposing a silly requirement of 10 days wait? Screw it, testing is plentiful enough now.
  6. Thanks for the info I don't lose sleep over birds and wind turbines. I do question the sustainability of these when I see graveyards of outdated wind turbines and fields of them not being utilized because maintenance isn't being done on them but again, I'm not educated on the subject so willing to listen to all sides. I'm glad you brought nuclear into the discussion. I feel like this is the true path forward for large scale energy needs but I also see it as the path of most resistance. The last reactor commissioned in the US was 2016, construction started in 1973 with the first unit
  7. I'm in this boat but willing to be convinced otherwise. I just don't have confidence in our government being able to manage something this large & far reaching without gumming it up and inflating the costs exponentially. I also need to understand this whole push to "green" energy wind/solar without the government subsidies. I'd also like someone to explain how the electric push is going to end up not doing more harm to the environment given current technologies? I honestly don't know and am asking.
  8. Don't kid yourself, that's to blow up the aliens when they realize the jig is up. Why do you have a gun in space?
  9. Tigers maybe, I'd say hippos are a no go unless you want to be fighting them off at some point. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/18/americas/colombia-pablo-escobar-hippos-scli-intl-scn/index.html
  10. Went into the office this week for a demonstration and noticed all the VP's had these sheer masks on where you could see their mouth/nose. Probably these things, I scratched my head some but whatevs, I stayed upwind.
  11. Be a trendsetter, wear a gaitor over all of it and goggles.
  12. And here we are, all the better for it I was never a listener of Rush, a couple times a week I would flip him on during the ride to & from home for lunch (4 miles to give you an idea of my listening time) and catch the talking point of the day but nothing past that. He had his audience and was a trailblazer in the field, RIP. Who's the English guy that fills in for him? Mark something? I always enjoyed his style, guess I won't be hearing from him any longer either.
  13. Was going to post this but @Kal Elbeat me to it. Nothing...absolutely nothing Trump has jacked up is his fault. "It was a beautiful plan that I gave to XXXXXXX, he's the one you should mad at."
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