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  1. So I brought this up in the Black Friday, when does this get cancelled? The name not the event.
  2. This is kinda in my backyard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nukegate_scandal. Doesn't address your question but I question whether we still have the ability/competence to build a nuclear plant anymore. Seriously
  3. You're right, couldn't resist. Will post in the Politics forum if there isn't a thread already.
  4. Since this got bumped... When does "Black Friday" get cancelled? Not in the sense that it won't happen, in the political correctness sense...or nonsense as it were.
  5. Well if you're going to get specific, Fort Mill is full up as well. I hear Clover has room and they cleared some land last night with the tornado so you got that going for you.
  6. Just reached out to VROOM based on above mention. Got an offer back ASAP, simple way to sell a car. If anyone is interested, I have a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport with nothing special on it. 3,332 miles, was my brothers car but he never really drove it. Hasn't had it's first oil change yet. Just trying to get rid of it and not take a bath. Beautiful color - Bikini Pearl
  7. Coinbase giving away $3 in Ampleforth Governance Token - Forth Interesting approach with Forth.
  8. South Carolina, they literally give you a gun, a pack of smokes and and an acre of land when you move here as part of the welcome package #truestory https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/SC
  9. Agree with whoever is in the camp of holding but moving up if there is a player you value and you can move up without too much pain. I trust the front office at this point not to do something stupid so I'm good however this works out. If you want to get the LB, move up a few and grab him, if your player is falling because others are picking for need, then hold and let it come to you. First time in a decade I'm solid with whatever the front office does.
  10. Coinbase finally got on board with Paypal, got an email today.
  11. Same thing with mine. I'm afraid to touch my original BC at this point because it's just going to disintegrate at some point. I had to get a certified copy from my birth state for my passport so used that but as you said, it's another fee ($20-$30) and a week or so wait.
  12. Talk to me about selling a home via probate in CA. Don't want to get into details but lets assume I have a $600k home in Southern CA that has to go that route. What am I in for?
  13. I was always partial to a small drill. Wrap the shank in in some athletic tape and drill baby drill.
  14. You're not going to find much better in your price range. I own a Marlin 7 and it's a tank. For what you want to do, the Marlin 5 is fine. Don't think you would notice much of a difference for $300, specs look similar. Ride them around the parking and pick the one that feels more comfortable. If you can throw on a pair of bike shorts it would be more realistic then just hopping on because you're going to be riding with padded shorts on a hard tail on single track.
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