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  1. That was so last week. Crypto comes at you fast! First the first time in probably forever, every coin I have an interest in is green on Coinbase. The Browns fan in me is just sitting here waiting for the dip. Does BTC go to $70k and hit a new sustainability level in the $60's?
  2. Pretty much done here, correct? We can start talking draft position in another week or so yea? Ha! I'm prescient. Case Keenum just named starter
  3. I had closed out some misc junk alt's last week and moved into ETH. Just skimmed some off ALGO/ADA/SHIB and moved into BTC to grab some profits off the current run. Had already moved out of some other alt's to bolster my BTC position but this is too good to not grab a little loot in the short term.
  4. Don't even bother researching, Team Moderna has your back.
  5. You're about 10 years too late for that, we've been working on one for as long as anyone else, China just got one to work before everybody else did. I agree that we can't get into another intercontinental arms race like we did with the Soviets. The thing is, we kinda wrote the playbook on that and now China is using it against us when our economy really doesn't have the ability to support it
  6. It changes the status quo. Assured mutual destruction has always kept the playing field level, this changes the game. At least for a little bit while the rest of us catch up. This is a great explanation on how this works and why it's a gamechanger https://twitter.com/martyrmade/status/1449875231904993288
  7. Pray? Really hard? Baker can't throw the ball for #### right now (torn labrum in non throwing shoulder), his leading WR's are possibly out, both starting tackles are out, both starting RB's are out and our defense can't stop anyone with any semblance of a gameplan. They will probably lean on Johnson & Felton but unless it's your only option, I'd steer clear of the Cleveland offense until after they come back from the Denver game. It's pretty bad right now.
  8. Cool, so we're back to eating our young again. Just like 4-5 years ago except with a better coach Man that was a ####show yesterday. Glad Gillum played well about all I got. PS - lets go for so more 4th downs, I love that move
  9. Although the toothpaste is out of the tube, there is this: "NB that Colin Powell had multiple myeloma, a cancer of white blood cells that produce antibodies. vaccination not going to take well at all with that condition" https://twitter.com/ryanlcooper/status/1450090695725883394
  10. Was just going to comment on your first post but you summed it up nicely here. There is no nuance and unfortunately with a novel virus, you need to understand nuance. It's not black & white, some people are just going to die from this thing no matter what they do. As you said, that will be lost and more people will jump into the vaccine bad boat. I just finished Rogan's podcast with Sanjay Gupta. I thought it was a refreshing dialogue between two people who are on opposite sides of this argument (to a degree). I wish there was more discussion like that but we politicized this early on and lost the ability for dialogue on the topic.
  11. Kinda here too. Not due for a booster until January but in rush to get one. I will but I'm not rushing to get it.
  12. So about a day for you? Modern or Pfizer, can’t remember which?
  13. Probably has something to do with it, they said it happened late in the game.
  14. As @[icon]said it’s good. It’s not as good as HEPA but it’s better than nothing. This article explains the differences pretty succinctly. MERV captures about 75-80% of ‘stuff’, HEPA captures 99.5% or something like that. MERV let’s in smaller particles that HEPA captures.
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