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  1. Currently in SC, getting back might or might not happen given the situation out there. My brother needs 24/7 care and I'm pulling my duty so I'm booking a one way ticket and staying for as long as I can. Working from home frees me up to handle that out there but this vaccine thing literally came up yesterday afternoon so it's thrown me for a bit of a loop.
  2. That's what I'm thinking. Haven't scheduled anything and don't want to screw somebody else out of a needed shot.
  3. Looking for some advice/guidance. First opportunity to get a shot is March 9th, next Tuesday. Chances are good I will be traveling to CA Friday March 12 for an extended stay 3+ weeks, maybe longer. Do I get the shot? Do I put it off and try to get it in CA? Help a brother out.
  4. Was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I got an email notification that SC is starting 1b March 8th and I'm eligible (over 55). Signed up to get put on the list.
  5. My crypto balance equals all the free stuff given to me at Coinbase, right now I'm at $61. My loyalty lies with them
  6. SC here. While we've been wide open, mask usage, at least when I am out, is high. Most all businesses require masks to be worn, banks appointments need to be scheduled, the only really big exception is restaurants. I haven't been to one since March 2020 other than take out so not familiar with how good/bad they are about mask usage. I'm on a local restaurant FB page for my area (Fort Mill) and pretty much across the board it seems that masks are being used by servers/hostess's. Wife & I have certainly curtailed our activities but we still live our lives. Haven't been to any big gatherings
  7. Funny, I lived in NE Ohio a good portion of my life (well about 35 years), graduated from the University of Akron and have never, NEVER eaten at Swenson's. I feel like less of a man now
  8. Almost better than sex...almost Nice job MAC, like the rest I had to sit down and relax after reading that. Helluva effort
  9. I've been a Republican all my life, have only voted against my party twice, once during the Clinton years and this past election. Until the bolded gets worked out, it's going to be tough for me to back any GOP candidate that supports this nonsense. If the orange dude is the best they can offer than I'll throw another vote away in 2024.
  10. At what point are we just going to amend ally to providence? I mean come on
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