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  1. What color is DeMaurice Smith? When he's saying DeMaurice Smith is too dumb for the job and saying his lips are the size of car tires he's using these racist stereotypes to insult a black person. Insulting a black person isn't inherently racist. Using racist stereotypes to do so is.
  2. I think it's definitely racist. Saying a black person is not only too dumb for the job position but that their black lips are the size of car tires sounds racist to me. Not saying he should be "cancelled", but like to call it "consequences" instead. He needed a better apology and I can see the consequences of a fine or other discipline. Up to the team owner if he needs to be fired or not.
  3. Hearing about Mike was like a punch to the gut. He seemed like a great guy and listened to his podcasts all the time. Get better soon @Joe Bryant, like Mike I feel like even though we've never met that you're a part of our fantasy league among friends. I've been using fantasy pros and football guys forever, even when it was just cheatsheets.net. Get well soon!
  4. Any word on when Lutz is due back? Might have to make sure to get him a week or two early
  5. A lot of overreactions after week 1, happens every year. I heard owners of both Sermon and Aiyuk talk about dropping them. I will probably snatch one of the two to have as flex backup if that's the case, just not sure which one Shanny will allow to produce.
  6. I have D'andre Swift and David Montgomery going against tough defenses so I'm thinking about starting him over one of those two, probably Swift.
  7. Trying to decide if I should drop Nyheim Hines for him.
  8. You draw the line where it becomes unreasonable. Obviously everyone has different interpretations of what is reasonable. I would say that league should simply put in a new rule that all trades from now on must be presented to the league with any conditions clearly stated so owners can express their opinions of the trade. Reading what happened I'd say it's time to move on. It was weird to have a side condition, but it wasn't totally outrageous in my opinion.
  9. I read they had hail at the stadium a few minutes ago. Also Trent Brown is now "out" for the Raiders which always has a big impact on the offense.
  10. Marlon Davidson (Atlanta Falcons) tested positive for Covid-19. No idea if other players will have to miss the next game due to the new Covid rules regarding close contact. I'm assuming the Falcons vs. Vikings is now something to monitor this week.
  11. How can they play the Saints game and the Patriots game? I can take 5-7 days for someone to test positive after getting it (incubation period). There's no way this close to game time they'll know if more will test positive. It puts coaches and the other teams at risk.
  12. FB Michael Burton received an initial positive COVID-19 test and is being re-tested to confirm, source said. In addition, the team is testing his close contacts. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet
  13. Maybe someone already mentioned this, but I wouldn't be surprised if the league institutes a two week pause on the season and pushes the schedule back two week so everyone can get their players and coaches back and at the same time re-evaluate their priorities in safe practices and mask wearing.
  14. Here's the link to the additional player testing positive: https://titanswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/30/tennessee-titans-another-player-positive-covid-19-report/
  15. I heard another positive test for a Tennessee player. It can take 5-7 days after exposure for a person to test positive, so there could be more to come. Link: https://titanswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/30/tennessee-titans-another-player-positive-covid-19-report/
  16. Booker. Richard still mainly a third down back. When Jacobs needs a rest I think Booker will get the call.
  17. After watching what's happening to MLB and basketball can I change my vote from 30% to 0%?
  18. I voted 30%. I don't think it should be even that high, but I think the league will try to get the season in even if it means no fans. My guess is there will be teams that are hard hit and the league will have to either pause or cancel the season. It sucks, but these players and coaches lives are more important plus they have family to think about. It's becoming quite obvious the problem is only getting worse and many people are being to lax.
  19. How long has the Shark Pool been here anyway? I've been around since it was just a link in a magazine to get added info (cheatsheets.com). Back in those days it was all about getting a magazine several months before the season started and having to deal with outdated info. Then one year there was a magazine which had a way to get updated info online. Mind blown! Cheatsheets.com was just updated projections and it grew from there. Forever changed fantasy football was!
  20. "If the 2020 season is canceled (and your 30-day refund period has passed), we will offer you a credit towards a 2021 subscription based on the following criteria: Zero regular seaso n games are played: 100% credit Only 1-3 weeks of the regular season are played: 75% credit Only 4-6 weeks of the regular season are played: 50% credit Only 7-9 weeks of the regular season are played: 25% credit Ten or more weeks of the regular season are played: no credit
  21. Not sure how things were where you live, but in my city during the stay at home order the parks were crowded, half the people weren't wearing masks because they say it was a hoax and churches were defying orders and having services. Those that attended church were infected and spread the virus throughout the community. I think if there was a nationwide effort to start we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in now. As far as Fauci's statements, they're new and I haven't seen a response by the NFL. I've even seen betting sites that have the NFL season being played at 50-50 odds.
  22. I think they will have to expand rosters to cover for the inevitable quarantine that teams will have to deal with.
  23. So now you're suggesting the league intentionally infecting players? I'm sure they'd all be onboard for that...not. I think you're underestimating the risk. You state "the covid risk to nfl players is missing games...not having debilitating symptoms." You can't possibly say there's no risk, yet here you are saying there's no risk. There is absolutely risk and suggesting they intentionally give it to the players so you can watch football is a terrible position to take.
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