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  1. Not this week. This week is the best opportunity to win homefield throughout.
  2. So, I bench him against the Vikes figuring no way he scores and he's not likely to get yardage. The kid is never getting benched again. Ever.
  3. Got him in the 8th. I'm on the bandwagon. Oh, and I got him a round AFTER White.
  4. No, it wasn't ridiculous and I'm pretty sure Parker came out ranked higher in non-PPR leagues before the draft pretty consistently across the board. I know Draft Dominator had him ranked higher, and so did I, so I picked him.Parker was the "safe" pick last year after the studs were gone. I see Addai in that role this year.I'm still fuming over that one, but anyone who says they knew is lying.
  5. He sucks almost as much as Jason Campbell does.
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