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  1. Carissa burned to death last night in a freak accident fire In her yard in Bruster her daughter came home from a party and found her Same way as my uncle who was her grandfather An aerosol can blew up in the trash, gosh darn, what were the odds?
  2. In 8 days my saitama is now worth 37k, up 273%, 27k in gains. She's a rocketship up over 50% today. Holding makes me feel like a sucker, and I still expect whales to crush this run at some point, but but, what? Gas is lowest on the west coast between 12:30 and 3:30 am. I might take my initial 10k back then or just keep being a sucker, a lucky sucker. This has been a fun call.
  3. Somewhere in this thread, I think I confessed a bit of an addiction to diy audio builds. I've successfully completed a dozen or so builds, all speakers and one really good amp. I have 3 subwoofer projects started that I never completed and 6 bookshelf cabinets ready for drivers. All boxed up in my garage. After gifting my daughter nieces and nephews speakers made from their deceased grandparents old furniture one christmas, I just moved along. Four years ago. I have a bad habit of going way tl/dr on some topics around here, and I am resisting doing it here. During the 5 years or so I was diy-ing my audio I spent more time on the diyaudio forums than I did here. There's dozens of carefully detailed projects there that dollar for dollar will beat anything you can buy at Costco etc. I'm very satisfied with my successful projects and just don't have room for more or an interest in improvements. For $700-900 I have a simple home theater speaker project I have wanted space for for a long time. Just typing that got the juices flowing to go buy materials. It will be better or equal to $3000+ brand name systems and crush that Costco/Klipsch set up. I'm not arguing with Tick. His thinking is correct for 99% of the people out there. And for most low budget and/or super small audio applications, diy is a bad idea. We can't compete with the engineering and manufacturing advantages of the big brand companies. Even part of that statement would be laughed at by the uber-nerd builders though. Do you have a project in mind? Happy to share mine in pms or here.
  4. I have two of their refurbs and set my sis up with another. All deals on Denons, not that this brand is necesarily better than others, just good deals. As far as I can tell they were brand new, factory packaging in tact. All three going strong, one 7 years old and in pretty heavy use. For another hundred you can get one without the refurb designation somewhere else. I'm just fearless about refurbs and frugal to a fault.
  5. Similar situation for me. I posted about my dead Onkyo in this thread somewhere. It was a very sweet sounding unit. Upgraded to a Denon, @BigJim®this Denon from that site, and it is a nice improvement in sound through the same speakers perhaps because of the additional sub. You can spend a hellalot more without gaining "that" much improvement. I'm pretty nerdy about audio with almost 5k in another music only setup and there's just not much difference unless you want the police to visit.
  6. gstafaikhnbd good songs that as far as i know have never been drafted 10 rounds, show me your missing links, obscurities, and overlookeds.
  7. funny how us and so many others out there were picking our favorite eth killers a year ago. now it seems eth may be an eth killer killer.
  8. I turned 10k into 23k with this in exactly one week. I said over a month ago I learned my lesson on these booming microcaps and would take profits before the whales dump it. I haven't a clue what to do. Paper hands, diamond hands. Guess I'm just a sucker and gonna hodl, hope it keeps running, but I fully expect a dump.
  9. I'm home from 5 days of ignoring this business. that 10k move out of link into saita is up $7600. It was predicted within the over-exhuberant community to kill a zero (10x) this week after being listed on a major exchange. the listing fell through but is still in the works, and saita is still up 76% this week on the bad news. jmo, but i see this same as i did feg. i'm just a little smarter now, hopefully. 70% it's a frustrating hold that doesn't keep up with the market, 10% chance it keeps up, 10% it tanks on me, 10% moonshot. gl if you join me. for now it's way ahead of feg at the same point... who knows?
  10. https://saitamatoken.com/ Scroll down or better yet read until you get to step by step instructions. It's just an eth swap on Uni using Saita contract address.
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