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  1. I put such a huge dent in my wine storage that I spent a few hours making an order of Paso wines using Covid coupons, email deals, etc. This gin was ordered a few hours ago... along with... a stupid amount of red wine. I will check out Santa Barbara for white tomorrow. Oh in the spirit of the thread. I don't know what all the counting is, but I am walking a grade in the desert behind my house every night... slowly jogging down it... 5 miles exactly.
  2. My South African BiL, who will never step foot there again, says the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the best kept secret in Africa.
  3. I'm not sure what I weigh. I haven't seen my scale since I moved, but last year's post Super Bowl keto/IF/workout like a dog regimen is needed again. Today I've had three eggs and three different cheeses in the same dish and that's going to have to be enough. I did some yardwork. Maybe I can do this with diet alone. Feeling lazy.
  4. I'm leaving on a vacation I wanted to cancel. I rarely check FBGs when I travel, so before heading out I want to apologize for whining about insomnia. It belongs in the category of #### no one wants to hear about, in this thread anyway. Be sure I was a mess over the lack of sleep, less than four hours in three nights and so much anxiety. Weird. Anyway, the solution was an in home massage. Great masseuse. Insisted I pay in advance because she wasn't leaving until I was sound asleep. I found her business card on a bulletin board at a grocery store. She said she was bringing a chaperone because i
  5. Yes, btw. I have one. I didn't like it. I'm not sure where it is, but it is boxed up for storage by now.
  6. When I sold my business and decided to quit working for awhile because I could, I was talked into flipping houses with a "family" team. Oof. Never again. I might buy something locally to have a place and a project to flip, but nothing that needs major renovations... ever again.
  7. I have seen more than one doctor on the issue over the years. I've seen a Naturopath too. She was hot and dumb and smart and I wish she helped me. In the insomnia thread here you'll see me advising almost word for word what you've suggested about exercise. Yesterday morning I jogged 2.5 miles up a desert incline and walked back to my car. I had dinner plans cancel so I went again at 4 this time walking up the hill and jogging back to the car. I swam for 30 minutes. I did a hiit routine with exercise bands (like weightlifting racing), I shot about 100 three pointers, and I went for a four mile
  8. This is what's worked best for me, but when it backfires it's like meth. I'm hyper. When it works, it's pretty good but I have a groggy stage for an hour or so after waking. Not that big of a deal and worth it for the sleep so I'll pick up a bottle today. I found some in the house last night but it had a expired a year ago and I didn't like what I read about this particular product expiring. Definitely taking a couple tonight. I ended up with three one hour sleep sessions, best I can tell. I feel fine this morning. I've been "doing things" since 6am. I do love my morning coffee. I even g
  9. Probably not wise to walk the desert at night, but I think I'm headed out a couple miles to look at the stars. The dog will likely find some nocturnal danger. 1:47 am.
  10. Yup, me too I'm sure. Ha. I typed a little of it and read the quote again.
  11. Watched some mma. Watched a bad movie. Boxed my kitchen save two woks, a little silver ware, a knife or three, the coffee making mess. Everything else is boxed. Your rage hurricane related? At least your wife has awesome benign knockers.
  12. I've dealt with insomnia since childhood. I've seen Drs and other pros, so if you have ideas, I've probably tried them. I've been forced to embrace it. It's infrequent enough. Most of my best ideas, best work, and education has come in the wee hours anyway. The last couple of nights have been different though. I may be experiencing mild anxiety attacks. Typically I'll stay in bed and watch or read some good non-fiction - straight - through - the - night. The last two nights I could not stay in bed. I bolted out, cleaned house, shot hoops from 3-4am, went for a swim, went through every drawer i
  13. I am not exaggerating when I say my ex wife has 20 felony convictions, 15 in California 5 in Nevada, the last one for trying to sell a large amount of drugs to a cop - 6 figure deal. She did 8 of the 15 they sentenced her for and is the happy gold digging wife of some Vegas pit boss. I don't understand the three strikes rule.
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