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  1. Seems like a bad draft to be skipped, but if I am not around tomorrow and up, skip me.
  2. My first concert was with my parents. Helen Reddy opened for Bill Cosby in Vegas.
  3. Hospital day for me tomorrow. BiL going home intact. He's been complaining about the food, of course. So I told him he could have anything he wanted within reach. Howlin' Rays it is. If you like your chicken spicy hot and are ever north of DT LA, it is just the best. 2 hour lines attest to that, but I'll get it delivered to us in a nearby parking lot, thank you pandemic.
  4. Speaking of Russians. My kid sent me this link of Putin walking to Rasputin. Made us laugh anyway. BUT My youtube is defaulted to auto-playing next up. For me, appropriately today, it was this The Arctic Monkeys tune in studio at some radio station. Yeah, I know, vaping but not cleaning house.
  5. Yes, loved the picks, loved the write-up... and he left my favorite DP album on the table. I like how a couple edm choices fill in my 1/2s puzzle, but I doubt I'll get to them. Nice to see rock go there. Thanks rock. I found my vape. I think I'll give it and your picks a go while I clean house dancing.
  6. RD 4 Sturgill Simpson 2014 Metamodern Sounds in Country Music 2019 Sound & Fury Am I popping the cap on country? That would be a first. I want to come back and write these up, but I was very close to seeking a proxy. As mentioned, pretty hard to find a bigger contrast in styles from an artist than these and just 5 years apart. @Eephus
  7. I just saw all the AB talk and checked the spreadsheet from there. Now it's updated. I always miss Led Zep picks.
  8. This is what I did this morning to score a couple NFTs. Watch how fast they sell out. Seconds. The link is to Stay Alpha buying live. I advanced to a minute or so before the drop. He only got one. Using his tricks I got 2. Both commons. Last time I sold right away just to experience the whole process. I'll hold these for awhile.
  9. Ergo is just a baby but it has some nice ideas. It's built by Cardano defectors. Charles thinks it should be a top 20 project already. I think that's crazy, but in the battle to be the biggest dex on Cardano, I think ergodex will win.
  10. I am deep down the nft rabbit hole. Can't find my way out. It's fun. The solo 401k was going to emphasize gaming to the tune of 50k. Nope. Gonna fill it with collectibles slowly. I have done nicely with GameFi. In at $24. Think the future is very bright there. The "read more" on CMC is worth a look. Deep dive here
  11. How to crank out a sophisticated well-thought out crypto index fund... or a chaotic one.
  12. in any draft someone snipes trick of the tail, i become angry and despondent and I QUIT.
  13. I think PIKanxiety is contagious. 15 13 before I pick... i can't find my thc vape!!!!!
  14. exactly what i left on the table to have what i have. listened to both all the way through yesterday. not surprised they went. this draft was better thought out by eeph than i understood when he started describing the scarcity. i'm really enjoying this one.
  15. I almost took Marley instead of Miles in rd 1. Then it seemed like he might fall so I risked it for the Boss albums that felt like they fell too far. Oh well, can't win in these drafts, just buy the ticket take the ride.
  16. A1A... for us Marley and Jimmy were after hours and hangover morning music. I cleaned up massive animal house-ish messes many many times to these two.
  17. I don't think you remember Zap from FFToday, but that was me. You and I played in FFLeagues together and counseled a young lad went by tj. I wonder what came of him whenever I think of old fftoday.
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