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  1. Biden wants the IRS to have access/review all bank transactions over $600.00, in conjunction with his massive increase in staffing and technology upgrades for the IRS. I guess some football guys have not been declaring their football winnings on their taxes.
  2. CNN reporting the Dems are looking at removing the clean energy bit from the 3.5 trillion package. Another failure for Joe. But good if you own oil stocks, bad if you are in the green stocks. I know several people who voted for Joe because he was going to save the planet.
  3. Bought AFRM at 120.00, Best Buy of the year, a run to 200.00 will pay for my new Maverick truck on order. With contracts with Amazon, Walmart, Target, feels like no ceiling for this stock!
  4. Coaching the Dems would be like coaching the Detroit Lions.
  5. Her campaign was a direct reflection of her abilities, she picked these people to represent her. She was the most liberal senator in Washington, she would of gotten crushed outside of CA in a presidential election. I agree she failed due to poor decisions on her part.
  6. It’s much easier to just open up the boarders. Every interview I see with an illegal states that they are coming to America because the boarders are open and Biden wants us.
  7. Sounds like a good plan, if we can get China, Russia, and North Korea to agree to agree to reduce their aggressive military expansion plans.
  8. Feels like Biden has lost complete control of the passage of this billl, and allowing AOC and Sanders having more power then him. So sad.
  9. And it’s been 30 years since inflation has been this high. Another first for Joe.
  10. So Joe has to make a trip to congress today to rally the Dems to support his programs, is this the same guy who campaigned he could work both side of the isle, but now he can’t even get his people to support his bills? Joe is so desperate for a win.
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