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  1. Yeah, but will the Bernie voters who showed up for the MI primary, show up in the fall or do they stay home or vote for Trump.
  2. People have to be responsible for themselves. I grew up in a family that was dirt poor. My only option was to join the military to improve my life and get a college degree, I spent a number of years living paycheck to paycheck with three small children, but I never gave up in improving my life, and finally found success in life after several failures. Too many people in life have an attitude of entitlement and don’t want to work for anything, just look at me I can’t get a break. I was in a deep hole at one point in my life and I dug out of it, most people also can if they just try.
  3. The Dow is still up 38 percent since the election of Trump. Once we get over this current health scare, it should be up about 70 percent come November.
  4. They just aired a new Trump commercial on TV. It showed them carrying the WW II to his seat and then he put on a Trump hat at the AZ rally. The BEST political commercial I have ever seen. It made me proud to be an American.
  5. Reporting over a100,000 cheering people crammed into a sports stadium to see Trump in India. No shortage of people want to see him!!!
  6. They have live coverage showing Trumps arrival/rally on local AZ tv. Interviewing people standing in line to enter the rally. One group of young first time voters expressing their excitement to vote for him. Also interviewing Spanish and black voters supporting Trump. Looks to be over 15 thousand at the rally.
  7. Long lines of people standing outside overnight in Phoenix to attend Trumps keep America Great rally tonight. Amazing the way he is packing these rallies with supporters
  8. They showed Trump at the Daytona 500 on the news. More Trump flags in the infield then American flags. The crowd went crazy when they played his 2016 campaign song you don’t always get what you want. No protesters or boos, he’s getting stronger.
  9. I see Trump is having a keep America great rally Wednesday in Phoenix. My neighbor claims all the tickets are already taken. I guess this is why everyone wanted the Trump clothing.
  10. That’s what they said in 2016 that Hillary would beat him. No confidence in polling. Ask Biden how the polls are treating him after being an early favorite.
  11. Spending some time in AZ. I went to an outdoor market today, lots of vendors, clothing, food, etc. The vendor with the longest line (5+ people) was selling Trump t-shirts, MAG hats, etc. I guess he is loved in AZ.
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