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  1. Agreed their was some good takeaways from today’s presser👍
  2. Please keep the content in here about Biden. We have plenty of Trump threads to discuss this. TIA!
  3. We only wish Joe could talk this well. Better to not go there and let Joe stay away from this conversation.
  4. Health care workers = true American heroes. We need to thank them everyday 👍
  5. So if their not going to do anything now why bring it up? Again Americans have greater concerns then the Dems social gathering/committee. It’s shameful that they even bring it up.
  6. Bad move by the democratics. They should focus on the crisis instead of trying to point blame. It will cost them votes come November .
  7. The future of trade and work will be different. I buying amazon, chewy, zoom, and Microsoft. The will have handsome returns.
  8. Market up again, looks like it has confidence in Trump to get us through the crisis.
  9. The Cuomo drums get louder with each passing day.🌅
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