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  1. I do a lot of on line dating so I change my appearance every six months or so. Some women like the clean look shaved head, no beard, etc. but some like a rough appearance, long hair, full beard, etc. The women who like the rough look are the best🤟
  2. They been gathering evidence for 20 years, I doubt if they will find anything in the next 20 years.
  3. Yes, but we’re lead by the worst president/leader in the planet.
  4. Surprised Joe’s rating is still above 40 percent. But give him some more time and he should go lower.
  5. Looks like the market is giving up its gains, I think you see 5% additional drop by the end of the.month. I also am sitting on a good amount of cash, doesn’t feel right to buy anything right now.
  6. Biden and the Dems want to tax gains on ETF stock funds that are currently not taxed. The average income of people holding these funds is $125,000.00. So much for no new taxes on people making under 400 thousand.
  7. Agreed no bargains for a while, this feels like a week long sell off.
  8. Lots of media coverage today of Harris attending the coin toss today at Howard U, football game. To day she doesn’t spend as much time on the boarder crisis.
  9. Watching the video on tv, just awful. Has Harris spoke to reporters about what she is going to do?
  10. Leaving Americans behind in a hostile country is worst then anything Trump ever did. Biden will have to answer to this in 2024.
  11. Forced to buy from a specific seller, based on government direction or payments is a good example of socialism. Tesla will fold under these rules. Disappointing since Biden claims he wants to go.green, but wants to limit the rewards to his friends.
  12. The Democratic’s and Biden what to increase the tax credit for electric vehicles by $4;500.00, however only for American made ev’s, that are made in the USA, AND union made. Socialist at it’s best.
  13. Agreed he is the leader, and Joe is doing a poor job of leading, Americans being left behind in a hostile country, COVID-19 out of control, inflation killing the middle class, our boarders being overrun, we are in the dark days of our history.
  14. Biden will need to raise taxes to pay to help support them.
  15. Not when your country is dealing with crisis’s like COVID-19 and Americans being left behind in a hostile country. Joe should take care of Americans first before campaigning for his party. Latest CNN poll shows 43 percent of Americans approve of the job Joe is doing, this type of behavior will land him in the 30’s.
  16. Bell could not get it done in KC, he’s not going to get it done in Baltimore.
  17. Good to see that Joe had free time to go to CA and campaign for Newsom, I guess he had nothing more important to do, I. E. COVID-19 outbreak, etc, a real people’s president.
  18. Joe needs to kept in the basement, this type of behavior is bad for the world to see.
  19. It seems like a good idea for Tim to take some time off, I mean he was posting while on vacation, maybe spending more time with his family and less time here is a positive for him. I think it wore on him how bad things are going for Biden. Feels like their was more negative posting/ comments when Trump was president in this forum them Biden. But I get how hard it is when things are not going well for the blue team, kind of like being a Houston Texas fan. The political forum existed before Tim and will do well post Tim.
  20. Wait, Joe said it’s transitory.
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