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  1. The Vikings are not going to pick up AP's non guaranteed contract for 18m next year. Talk going around that AP will be a Lion for about 6m a year. What do lion fans think about that.
  2. This is going to be a great game. Lowest points the Packers have scored in game this year was 7 against the Lions. At home, the Packers have scored over 50 points twice, and over 40 points twice. Lowest scoring game at home for the Pack was against NE when they scored 26. What does this mean, nothing. But I do think it means that Stafford and Calvin are going to need to pick up their game, I think the numbers show that it will take more then 19 points for the Lions to win. Packers are just an average team on the road, which is why they really need this win if they want to advance in the
  3. Calvin Johnson is the guy I don't understand, I know he was hurt this year, but he doesn't look like he can separate from anyone anymore. I sure since I said this he go off on T G.
  4. nice to see someone other then the Yankees or red sox in first place in the east. Go JAYS
  5. sounds like the lions are going to interview Tom Cable for HC, Tommy's got a heck of one two punch
  6. If there blowing through the lions ol don't get to excited, that would be like busting threw a line of pewe football players
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