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  1. Diggs and Godwin, picking 8th. So that leaves 7th for @Bro1ncos
  2. Is there a way to do add/drop to replace players for players put on the Covid list after the draft is over?
  3. I concentrated on taking players early if I think they will get multiple games, to get my two keepers. Given the way they have been playing the past month, I consider Buffalo, Baltimore and NO to have the potential to play at 3 games, and maybe even TB, though if it has to play in GB that will be difficult. 1.04 Diggs: over Henry because Ten. is not favored in the game and they might have to play from behind, given the way their D has been playing; would have taken Andrews for TE premium if Diggs was gone. 2.06 J. Cook: TE sucks until next week so thought I should get one early giv
  4. It was a landslide victory if you don't count the votes of the people who he thinks shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  5. Sorry to hold things up, I'm set up for text reminders now.
  6. Since we are down to four teams, isn't immunity over? https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/311956-ssl-and-pdsl-rules/
  7. The piece wasn't about the president getting sick. There were multiple other pieces on the site about that. Still are.
  8. Do you really think the person who wrote the piece literally "pushes the button" in the middle of the night?
  9. Are social media comments from randos worse than the sentiment Trump expressed regarding Beau Biden to millions the other night?
  10. The best part is that it is killing them with senior voters, and yet they persist.
  11. QB: KC, NOS RB: McCaffrey, D. Henry, Elliott, Mostert WR: Thomas, Golladay, Metcalf, Diggs, Thielen TE: Kelce, Ertz Flex: H. Henry PK: Butker, Lutz DST: PIT, SF
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