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  1. In the best ball league I have him in I am deep at RB so can afford to hold him through this week's initial free agent bidding but another healthy scratch come Sun am will have me pitching him overboard for the best player available at any position.
  2. Does the window slam shut on undrafted Bucs and Cowboys players and teams tonight at kickoff?
  3. It looks like the site prohibits drafting players recently added to the player pool, including some of the PK. Warning: Players with a * indicator are currently locked! This means they will not be selected if they are still locked when your turn to draft comes up. You can see all the locked players in the Report > Player > Locked Players report. https://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2021/locked_players?L=12629
  4. I highly recommend this league. It is very challenging throughout the season, but particularly the auction. Owens Ordinary is a great venue for it. No better way than to spend a Sunday afternoon in late August.
  5. Or maybe not, so it looks like you have to continue picking for him. He's otc.
  6. @jeremyx13 OTC for two, as CBBlitz as his picks in at the turn.
  7. My recollection is that auto doesn't work for 1.1.
  8. I am in for 1, 4, ALBC, and whatever that doesn't start before Aug. 1.
  9. Diggs and Godwin, picking 8th. So that leaves 7th for @Bro1ncos
  10. Is there a way to do add/drop to replace players for players put on the Covid list after the draft is over?
  11. I concentrated on taking players early if I think they will get multiple games, to get my two keepers. Given the way they have been playing the past month, I consider Buffalo, Baltimore and NO to have the potential to play at 3 games, and maybe even TB, though if it has to play in GB that will be difficult. 1.04 Diggs: over Henry because Ten. is not favored in the game and they might have to play from behind, given the way their D has been playing; would have taken Andrews for TE premium if Diggs was gone. 2.06 J. Cook: TE sucks until next week so thought I should get one early given the premium 3.04 Godwin: while WFT D is good, potential for Evans to sit out made this too difficult to pass up for the remaining RB. 4.06 G. Edwards: definitely behind Dobbs in the pecking order but pickings at RB getting slim 5.04 McKissic: hoping for checkdown receptions at my RB2 6.06 Higgins: meh, maybe will some garbage time points 7.04 Higbee: tight end premium at flex, and would squeeze those who didn't have one yet 8.06 Steelers D: anticipating a low scoring game given their offensive struggles, and Cle missing Stefanski 9.04 Pascal: best available to, if he does well enough, swap in for any of three WR or two TE 10.06 D. Evans: best available RB, might get garbage time/passing game work if Bal. rolls 11.04 Indy K: best available who I can be sure will be kicking 12.06 Trubisky: at the outset decided to leave QB for last, projecting to having to choose between Rivers, Mayfield, and Trubisky. Chose Mediocre Mitch over Mayfield due to greater potential for garbage time (hope they don't pull him) and his comparative playoff experience. I haven't been able to do this league in a few years, so looking forward to it. Should be fun.
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