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  1. Texans made their bed and have to sleep in it but it will be death by a million paper cuts if they do not hold Watson to the contract he agreed too. I'm not a Texans fan and so it does not effect me either way with that said it will be interesting to watch. I would never trade him in this situation. It just would not happen but different strokes for different folks. I would love to see a player walk away from 20.2 million and lose a year in his prime. Who does that?? Someone pop me some popcorn.
  2. Watson signed AFTER the Texans traded Hopkins. He had a clue where the Texans were going or what the management was like and he gladly signed the extension which paid him 27 million at signing and the contract is worth over 156 million. Watson got emotional after the signing thanking ownership for the opportunity. I believe that was in September of 2020. Watson now has hurt feelings or is upset and wants out??? How can the Texans not hold him to the contract?? The trade offer would have to be so outlandish for me to even pick up the phone which means it would not happen. How can you give an ex
  3. I agree. The problem is he just signed his extension last year. He was happy to take the 27 million signing bonus. I would be willing to trade him but the price would be so outlandish that it would not happen. I would sign Dalton or Fitzmagic. I would tell Watson he can sit out if he wants or play for the Texans his choice. He can retire if he wants. You can not tell players it's okay to take an extension and then say I have decided I don't want to play for you. Ryan Fitzmagic would love to get a starting gig this upcoming year. I would then decide to move on without him and do the best I coul
  4. Would there be a reason why Chicago does not use the franchise tag on him?
  5. He has short bursts of productivity but I'm not that excited about his future. He is a short yardage between the tackle power back. He has decent burst to the hole but lacks cutting ability and is really lacking in long speed. He did make a decent cut to the outside when he scored against Alabama but let me tell you that was extremely rare. I can see him not being drafted in the NFL when the time comes and looks like a UDFA coming into the league. He does not really even fit OSU's offense in my opinion. I wish the best for him of course though I hope he is not the starting back for Ohio State
  6. I'm not sold on Darnold not being good. He was in a really bad and messy situation. I think he has flashed at times but he was under multiple head coaches, front offices and a pretty nasty "mono" bug that surely was difficult to recover from.
  7. I think he should not be on any waiver wire. I see a lot of players on rosters with potential. Fulgham has shown he can play and at a high level. He has a place on my roster due to a frustrated owner dropped him at the WW deadline and no one wanted him. I was happy to snap him up for nothing. I'll keep him over some other players that have potential but never shown they can do it at this level.
  8. I'm thinking of something new coming up. I'm no expert but people that I have known that get into altercations seem to be more powder keg type personalities. The temper comes out of nowhere and their troubles do too. I also think that you can be a good person with a bad temper or have mental issues that can lead you into your troubles. I think AB was more actor than mental when he wanted out of Pittsburgh. I think if he stays in Tampa he should be fine. I do think you have to consider these things when you trade for AB or pick him up. I picked him up off the waiver wire last year week two. I
  9. I think Andy Dalton would not be a bad match either. Keep in mind this would only be a free agent place holder. The WFT is going to have to make a decision sooner than later on a QB. I like Fitz too.
  10. Watson to the WFT seems far fetched. I think it's more reasonable to spend that draft capital on moving up and drafting a QB if you wanted to spend draft capital on a QB. Zack Wilson or Justin Fields if he falls outside the top 10. WFT sitting at #19 is tough though. I might consider a free agent QB and kick the can down the road another year and draft another piece at #19. I would be open to making a move but the move and the cost would need to match. Giving up two first rounders plus for Carr just seems more than he is worth. He has 2 years left on his contract and then you are handing him a
  11. He paid off for me late this season. It was a weird season but he seemed to be consistent. The question is will he be in Tampa and whether Godwin will be too. The consistent numbers create value. The suspension threat will always be there with Brown.
  12. If I'm Houston I just sign Fitzpatrick or Dalton and roll. I let Watson sit out and miss paychecks. The amount of money Watson would lose with the new CBA is just massive. He can sit out till he retires or some team wants to trade over market value and Watson agrees to the deal. Watson just signed the extension and received I believe in the ball park of 26 million dollar signing bonus. He only has leverage if Houston allows him to have leverage.
  13. DLF does a pretty good job. I like their off season stuff better than the in season. The trade tools they have are good.
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