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  1. I can not see Washington for the obvious reason with their past front office misconduct accusation issues. I don't see the Rooney family bringing in Watson either. I think Gruden could be the one to pull a trade off and sell it to the fan base and ownership. Any team that trades for Watson will need to consider some serious kind of "PR" plan if not hire a consultant. The Raiders could get it done. Denver maybe.
  2. Most likely ESPN but I'll record the NFL Network. Louis Riddick is growing on me for draft coverage.
  3. As a Bengal fan I'm Team Chase and then grab the best offensive lineman in the 2nd. Reif and Williams at tackle. Price or Hopkins at center and slide one to guard if needed then the offensive linemen we draft in 2nd can be guard or tackle. Getting Bobby Hart out of there was a must.
  4. When will the Steelers go QB? I'm pretty sure it won't be early but Ben could have a deep drop off and having someone learning and in the QB room could be important. I don't think it would be early but grabbing a QB that fits the offense might be a good idea.
  5. Really depends on how far the rabbit hole goes. This could be just be the tip of the iceberg. I sure hope not though. I think it's safe to say he will miss significant time and as this story unfolds daily a time frame is difficult to predict.
  6. That will depend on a lot but yes it could be a very long time.
  7. Watson is going to take this to trial. He is all in. "Wow" I don't see how this gets settled outside of a trial now. He basically is stating all the accusations are false. This is about to get uglier than it already has been. All right then. Let's get to court and see ALL the evidence and let a trial decide this. I mean it could still settle but really it looks like Watson wants the trial.
  8. Locked on Dynasty Football Podcast: April 7th (The Deshaun Watson situation): The time is 18:30. The guest on the podcast is actually from Footballguys. Drew Davenport who is a criminal defense lawyer per the details of the podcast. He states that the civil cases will be tried separately. He did say he would have to brush up on his civil evidence rules but he believes that they will not be able to use evidence from the other cases for each case. The evidence would need to be from each case for that singular case or in his words in a vacuum. The whole podcast is an interesting listen. Again h
  9. I could be wrong but I believe the civil trials all would be tried separately. He may settle them all together but they all would be tried on their own merit. Which I think is why you see all the public information being produced from all the cases very similarly. The court of public opinion is important and showing a pattern of behavior in the cases. I still think Buzbee wants Watson to settle the cases in one big swoop. I would have to read up on this a bit more to be sure on that and not claiming as fact but I did listen to an attorney on a podcast cite that all the civil trials would be tr
  10. I agree with this 98%. It's under criminal investigation now. IF charges are filed that will tell me that there is either some physical evidence or very strong circumstantial evidence. I'll also say this it's not reassuring that it is under criminal investigation but I will assume Houston PD will want to be very diligent when investigating to cya the PD. If no charges are filed I will feel confident in Watson having a football career after 2021. Or even facing a half season suspension but I think a full season suspension might be best for all parties.
  11. It's circumstantial. You will need to be a pretty aggressive prosecutor to file only on circumstantial evidence. Maybe they do. I'm not in the least worried about Watson's football career if this turns out to be just civil cases. He needs to settle whether guilty or innocent unless his attorney sees criminal charges being filed. It (settling) has to happen soon or Watson will be pushing all his chips in the middle of the table and taking the cases to civil court. I'm not sure what he has to gain by doing that. The burden of proof is so much lower in civil. The 2021 season is pretty much done i
  12. At this point no physical evidence or even enough circumstantial evidence. Until there is criminal charges filed which would mean a prosecutor believes there is enough evidence for the case to be tried. You do not need to be in Houston to know the difference in civil cases and criminal cases and the burden of proof. I'm only interested in a criminal case. The civil cases can be made to go away in time. The time to worry in my opinion is if criminal charges are filed. That would mean a prosecutor believes at that point there is enough to go to trial and prove the charges based on the evidence.
  13. No evidence at this point for criminal. I can't see there being evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, maybe there is but as of today there is none.
  14. I just can not figure Sam Darnold out. I did not like him at USC till late in the process and then watching his tape as well as his interviews. He grew on me. The Jets took him and that me nervous for him but again I figured talent over landing spot. I never had any real shares of him. I had him on Taxi Squad a couple years and have no stock in him at all right now. I had a need to pick up a QB in a salary cap contract league(Orphan Team) and had a choice between Darnold and Wentz. I had to keep either for at least 2 seasons so I would be locked in for 2021 and 2022. I ended up going Wentz b
  15. Who has more value Fitzmagic or Dalton? I saw this argument on another site and found the question interesting.
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