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  1. Charlie Strong is being rumored to be part of the staff.
  2. I still like Darnold. The Jets are a mess. The injuries and mono did not help. He is talented and in the right situation he could be good. I could see him in Indy or what would be really interesting is if he ended up in Dallas.
  3. I don't think so. I suppose it depends on the offense he intends to run and the staff he would bring in. My guess is he would take the better player if everything is equal and that would be Trevor Lawrence in my opinion. Urban as an NFL head coach makes no sense to me but if you told me he was going to be in the front office that I could see. It will be very interesting if they hired him though.
  4. Dude. Are you serious?? Ryan Day is the head coach for Ohio State. I don't think there is a University out there that would hire a head coach that had been remotely near a situation like that. You might want to research even a little bit before pouring crap all over some highly respected head coach's name. "IF" the Jags could pull Day away from Ohio State and I highly doubt that. The Jacksonville Jaguars would be getting one hell of a respected and beloved head coach. I understand you made a mistake of a name of one person to another but "google" is your friend. So "NO" Ryan Day is not a "slea
  5. Not to be a downer but Clemson's defense missed assignments and outright blew coverages last night and looked a bit lost. I think Fields is a wonderful talent and if his decision making gets better than his ceiling will be better. I would be careful to get too excited from one outing. He has had some incredible bad decision making in the past. I also worry about his landing spot. I still see Trevor Lawrence as the better overall QB at the moment. I'm not sure how excited I would be to have either as my franchise QB.
  6. He reminds me of Kenny Stills with better hands.
  7. Felt like I survived Cook but he did score 16.5 points in my league so that is not that bad in my opinion. I think it's easy to get spoiled with a player like Cook. I normally would not be happy about a player scoring 16.5 against my team but oddly enough I felt good about that and not going against Alvin.
  8. I had to pick up Bowden too. It's a Dynasty league and have to say the kid looks pretty good. He finds the open spots on the field and is good after the catch. He is going to want to play well tomorrow. If he gets a shot he might be pretty good. I like him more as a slot wide receiver moving forward.
  9. He is in my lineup at the moment. My team is ravaged by injury though.
  10. I can not bench him so even if the dude only has one leg. If he is playing I have to roll him out there.
  11. Seems to be a lot of concern with the quarterback situation as well. They may run the ball a lot more due to trying to protect CJ. Rosen clearly will not be anything more than a break glass emergency QB. Rosen won't nearly be ready with the playbook or terminology other than basic plays if something should happen to CJ per Shanahan. I'm going with Tonyan and see where the chips fall. I could be totally be wrong. I love George Kittle the player and person. I hope he smashes it. I traded the 1.4 for him for a reason but at some point you have to make a decision. I could consider him in the fl
  12. Honestly. I have no idea. I have not looked at any projections for Goedert. I think Kittle could be a better play with CJ throwing to him. I'm sure there is a level of comfort for CJ throwing to Kittle. I like the QB comfort with CJ to Kittle more than I do Hurts to Goedert. Dallas defense has been playing pretty well lately. I'm not sure how they have done against tight ends. Arizona historically has been bad against the tight end position but lately has played well. I'm not looking at that stat right now but did hear on a radio show that the last month they have played well against tight
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf5WtyOxUjU George Kittle presser posted 15 hours ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4DP7kQj7zo Kyle Shanahan presser posted 15 hours ago. The main conversation regarding Kittle takes place for the for the first 3 mins of the presser. There is a lot of Rosen talk after that and fluff talk. Good information. He will be on a snap count according to Kyle's presser. George said he will play hard for as many plays as they let him. Not direct quote but something like that.
  14. I'm most likely going with Kittle over Tonyan or rolling them both out there. I'm a massive underdog and my team is ravaged by injury so I don't think it will make much difference to me. I like Tonyan this week in prime time though. The ceiling for Kittle would be much higher if they play him as they normally would. Tonyan has a decent floor though. This might have changed due to the 2 most recent pressers. He looks to be on a snap count.
  15. I'm sure he has had pressure on the foot more than last week but you could be right from the point that he has not put the foot through football related activity. My point was that you were correct the bone is healed than it's healed but soreness from whatever is most likely not bone related but muscular in nature.
  16. Well it was still sore last week according to the presser. I agree though if the bone is healed then it is healed. It's not uncommon with a fracture to have some ligament issues not that there was any I'm aware of but if he was sore last week I think that points to something was not at 100% which could be the reason why they gave it extra time.
  17. Shanny's presser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6QmEN7IFRY&t=848s Kittle talked about at the 10:00 mark and a lot more at the 12:15 mark. Enjoy. I watched the whole thing. Side not it seemed like the San Fran media had issues getting their questions out. Watching this Shanny looks awful and what happens if CJ gets hurt? I know they signed Rosen but he can't possibly learn the playbook and terminology that quickly. It would be a mess. The Niners are a mess. It's been a tough year for Kyle. The injuries have just been brutal for them this year.
  18. Well...What are they going to say? They have a locker room full of players that are playing Saturday. I'm hoping to be wrong. I would love to see Kittle go nuts week 16. I would be concerned though about him being on a pitch count. I would be concerned that they are careful with him. They just gave Kittle a pretty big extension. Just seems kind of odd to bring him back with 2 weeks left. I might roll him out there like every other manager but if I do it's with the understanding that what I have said could be true. Keenan Allen last week screamed into the camera last week "don't bench me"
  19. Mine is playing for something and the fact he is the best player they have also points to being a bit careful with him when there is nothing to play for. The Niners have invested a lot of money in Kittle. I'm just saying fantasy owners need to understand the risk that he may be on a pitch count or they may be careful with him. They did not sign him to huge extension to watch him have a serious injury with no post season to play for. I would love to be wrong.
  20. Yep. He was last week too. He had 15.6 points with a bad ankle and only practiced once during that week. Drake seems dinged up too.
  21. Benching Zeke. Have Malcom Brown and Chase Edmunds going in the title game. So ugly.
  22. I hate to be devils advocate here because I'm a Kittle manager as well in a Championship match. Why play Kittle now? They are playing for nothing and he is just coming back from a foot injury. I just do not see the point or what would the 49er's gain by playing Kittle.
  23. I had a Monday night miracle and won by .6 but let me tell you Allen about sunk me in both my leagues of record. I survived the one league and sunk in the other but have to think I'll be more cautious this week. Just have to monitor his practice participation but this is why I hate having star players from teams that have nothing to play for even if he has a little soreness why play him if you are the Chargers?
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