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  1. I just can not figure Sam Darnold out. I did not like him at USC till late in the process and then watching his tape as well as his interviews. He grew on me. The Jets took him and that me nervous for him but again I figured talent over landing spot. I never had any real shares of him. I had him on Taxi Squad a couple years and have no stock in him at all right now. I had a need to pick up a QB in a salary cap contract league(Orphan Team) and had a choice between Darnold and Wentz. I had to keep either for at least 2 seasons so I would be locked in for 2021 and 2022. I ended up going Wentz b
  2. Who has more value Fitzmagic or Dalton? I saw this argument on another site and found the question interesting.
  3. I think the discussion always is what your roster looks like and what Waller could bring. Can Waller be worth a 1.3 to 1.9? Yep. If an owner has all the pieces and needs a TE to complete what he thinks is a championship team. Rookie production at the position normally takes time. I think Pitts is a great prospect but he is still a rookie. Waller has shown his production. It's a tough call but I could see myself taking Waller over Pitts in the right conditions.
  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a shot on Darnold. The cost is not horrible to take a chance on a player that went 3rd overall. If it does not work out then you move on. Sam has 2 years to show what he can do for Carolina. The Panthers don't seem interested in moving up or the cost was more than they wanted to pay. The only question I have is what made them turn away from Teddy? The money they gave him seemed to be enough to take more than a one year look.
  5. I'm speaking more about the nature of always trying to make a big play. He needs to learn to take what the defense gives him. Ohio State's offense is a on purpose a big play offense. The Ohio State offense is a mesh style offense with the wide receivers and sometimes that is a read for not only the QB but also the WR. Fields is sometimes waiting for the WR to see the option he is to take or to see the same thing he is seeing. Touchdown to check down. Big play to little play but both the QB and the WR is reading information on the route at the same time. The last play in the Clemson game in 2
  6. I just am not so sure how much of an upgrade Sam is than Teddy. Could there be more to this? Is something else in play? Moving Teddy? Getting Darnold as a place holder for another move? It just seems odd. Unless they just think Sam is such a better player than Teddy. Or they just think Sam fits what they want to do much better than Teddy.
  7. Atlanta had really no choice but restructure his contract to get under the cap. It would not change my thinking if you have to pay the rookie #4 pick the same anyway. So now you have 2 QB's on the roster for a lot of money. It's not ideal but when are you going to get to #4 again? If you believe in Lance or Fields that strongly then you make the pick. I get your point though and it makes sense. New coach and new GM. I just can't see not taking a shot if you like one of those two. There is a lot of talent on the board though at that point though outside the Qb's. Good move for Sam though
  8. It may mean Atlanta wanted to much for a trade to #4 or Atlanta is going to take a QB. I understand the whole restructure for Matt Ryan but don't you pay the 4th slotted rookie the same regardless or is it slotted by position of the player selected? I always thought it is by the number slot. My point being if Atlanta sticks at #4 why would they not take a QB? You have to pay the #4 slot the same regardless. And you hope to not be picking #4 again anytime soon. I think this points to Atlanta taking a QB or they wanted way to much to move back. There is always Denver I suppose.
  9. I think I would except as is right now. I would smash accept that offer actually.
  10. I'm sorry but coming of college is the basis of this conversation then Lance is not even remotely close to Baker Mayfield. I'm by no means a Baker fan and not a Browns fan.
  11. I think people really do not give Dalton his dew. He is not a bad QB. If you watch his film he can ball. He is smart and anticipates very well. The arm can make every throw and If you have pieces around him he can win you games. The Bears have pieces. What was Pace to do? Wait and watch as every QB is taken and still be told "no" by the Texans and Seahawks. I'm telling you right now he fits what Chicago likes to do and is a very sneaky QB in fantasy. I believed this last season and ended up playing Dalton in my championship over Russell Wilson. The match up had everything to do with that de
  12. I think it will be Justin Fields when the smoke clears. I just don't buy Mac Jones. I can see Trey Lance over Jones and Fields if they really want to try to build the six million dollar man (no pun intended). I think Fields because he is more ready than Lance but still has the legs. Mac Jones looks he can run for a dairy queen soft cone but not going to give you any mobility or at lease not remotely what Fields and Lance can do and Field is the more right now ready for the 49ers.
  13. No judgement by me at all. He is totally and completely innocent till real evidence is provided. 21 women saying similar things all represented by one lawyer means absolutely nothing to me. All that shows is they want to show a pattern but a good attorney will just point out it can be a pattern created by the attorney. At some point make the real evidence public. I assume texts? Video? Is there DNA? The women's background and past will also need to be scrutinized. Watson's reputation has been forever destroyed and at this point I do not think he has any reason or incentive to not fight this
  14. Kyle Trask could be interesting for the Pats. I think he as good or actually better than Jones.
  15. It seems to be a lot of nit picking on the quarterbacks this time of the year. Is there really a huge difference between the top 3 quarterbacks in this class? I don't think so. The NFL has been moving towards mobile quarterbacks that can throw well enough and all 3 check that box. Fields is a good quarterback and very talented. He has more than enough arm to make all the throws. He is very accurate on his deep balls. He can move inside and outside the pocket. He can throw on the run. He has the leg talent the NFL is looking for. The cons for me with Fields is his decision making can be a
  16. It all comes down to how the Jets feel about Fields or Wilson. I think the Watson train has been derailed but if you think Fields or Wilson is significantly better than Darnold then you have to pull the trigger.
  17. The only thing we can do is wait. Watson and the "Jane Does" have obtained lawyers. Houston PD may investigate. I'm not going to rush to judgement till the evidence is presented and see where the cases go. The NFL will most likely place Watson on the commissioner's list and we could be looking at a very long road to "opinion of the truth" based off the evidence. Buckle up. This could be a long journey. I rushed to judgement on Tyreek Hill and though the cases are totally different the emotion of a child being harmed was very powerful. I won't make the same mistake again. Watson is innoc
  18. Jerry has more money than he has time. It's that simple. He does not have time to draft a quarterback and hope he pans out. The Grim Reaper played a role in this contract.
  19. I don't think Wilson is remotely on the market. I see Pete getting fired before Rus is traded. It's the NFL though anything is possible.
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