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  1. I think Peleton is going much lower, all of these stay at home stocks are going to get whacked. PayPal is good long term.
  2. I respect your opinion and acknowledge many people would agree with you. However, if a college can't get positive results from virtual classes attended by adult students, they are doing it wrong. What the pandemic has made clear in many cases, is that adults can be very productive working and learning from home. Another effort is to move education into virtual reality where you can interact, simulate, learn, and train all remotely. And many companies are already working on those types of solutions.
  3. My thoughts: 1. blanket loan forgiveness is a bad idea 2. There are thousands of degree granting post-secondary institutions in the US. Most of them grant what are essentially worthless degrees or degrees that are not worth the price paid. Some of them shouldn't even continue to operate as a business but they continue raising prices because of #3. 3. Federal student aid accounts for most of the price increases. The more students can borrow, the more colleges can charge. Increasing eligibility for Federal aid over time had the undesired effect of making college less affordable f
  4. He's super accurate. I think it could happen too.
  5. It's sad that rogaine and propecia are still the best options going after 30 years. You would think at least one pharma company would have figured out a better treatment by now. There's always some promising new treatment that's a few years away but never sees the light of day.
  6. Agree with all of this. Plus factor in that the AFC East was straight garbage for the last two decades, until the Bills and Dolphins finally found some decent QB play. Think about it, Chad Pennington was the next best QB in that division after Brady across that entire timeframe. There were some seasons where the backup QB on the Pats was better than the starting QBs for Jets, Dolphins, Bills. And then there were the coaches like Rex Ryan and Adam Gase that got hired not once but twice in the division.
  7. Belichick is like any other good coach without a good QB now and the Pats would have never won a single Superbowl in the last 20 years without Brady.
  8. That was the only Superbowl game that I was fortunate enough to attend in person. It was literally over after their first play when Denver snapped the ball into the end zone for a safety. I was in that section of the stadium. The Seattle fans were so much louder from the start, especially in my section and it was almost like a home game for them. Their D was elite. Also the Denver coaching staff sucked, completely unprepared and outclassed, a total embarrassment to say the least. For today's game, both coaching staffs are top notch, two elite QBs, and it's a home game for the Bucs. I kee
  9. I love Stafford. He's smart, tough, with an elite arm. You really can't ask for more. But somehow the Lions never won the NFC North, even with Stafford + Megatron. There were a couple of seasons in the past 10 where they should have won the division after being gifted historically soft schedules but couldn't do it. And as much as I do like Stafford, after all this time, I think he's just a slightly better version of Jay Cutler. And I am probably one of the few that liked Cutler too. G QBrec Cmp% TD% Y/A Y/C Rate 165 74-90-1 62.6 4.5 7.2 11.6 89.9 (Stafford) 153 74-79-0
  10. I like Stafford but Jay Cutler won more playoff games. The Lions couldn't win the division with Stafford + Megatron in their primes. This is one of those trades that probably worked out well for both sides.
  11. This. On paper GME should be a $20-$40 stock. But when you have traders shorting over 100% of the float, there are going to be other heavy hitters that will take the other side. In addition, options trading exploded on this security which added more fuel to the fire. Tomorrow should be interesting.
  12. Sure makes sense. That said, I don't understand what else the Lions would need to do in order to "do right" by Stafford. He got paid a boatload of money over the years and was always respected. He's getting a chance for a new contract and one last big payday with another team. What else do they owe him at this point? The Lions should try to get as much as they can regardless of which team he ends up with even if it somehow magically ends up being Houston.
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