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  1. That's awesome! Kupp was a lock of all locks this week against the Lions.
  2. My best week of the season in DK. Finally scored over 200. Brady, Carter, Bolden, Ruggs, AJ.Brown, J.Chase, Pitts, Evans, Cards
  3. I've got Chase, Higgins, and even Boyd in a bunch of lineups.
  4. I just like the BAL/CIN game as a contrarian choice to the other stacks that will be more popular. In addition to the core Lamar/Hollywood/Andrews, Freeman and Bateman are also in play. Then bring it back with Chase, Higgins, or another Bengal. My take is the Ravens are going to smash and it could be a shootout.
  5. I'm going heavy on Ravens stacks this week.
  6. Yes I only play on DK. I usually play 15-20 lineups.
  7. I faded Beasley except for 1 lineup. That's probably going to sink the rest.
  8. I also want to reiterate, it's extremely challenging to place highly in gpp unless you play max entries. And even then it's very tough. But it can be done. I personally like the showdown contest format better for gpp and I think it provides an easier path to unlocking the highest scoring lineup without playing max entries. But often there are a large number of ties at the top which reduces the payouts, sometimes substantially. I've finished first in a few large fields and only once was there no tie. On that note, who does everyone like for the MNF showdown Bills v Titans?
  9. Good week so far. I had 5 lineups that cashed in DK gpp. 175 was my high score. Burrow, Booker, J.Taylor, Allen, Higgins, Kupp, RSJ, Mixon, Cards
  10. It's against the Bengals too. Even they finally figured out a way to not suck. Give the Lions another 50 years or so and maybe it will happen.
  11. I still maintain the Lions don't have a single player on offense outside of Hock that would start for any other team. And that includes Swift. He's an RB1 in fantasy football but not in real life. Williams is actually the better natural RB. And if Williams is your best RB and Goff is your best QB and you have no WR, this is the result you get.
  12. Well I expected the Ravens to smash the Chargers but the TDs are all going to scrub RBs.
  13. This is why I am suspect of his recommendations. I guarantee when you see his actual gpp lineups, there will be a bunch without Hunt.
  14. I am not only fading Hunt but also going with Cards D.
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